10 Christian Craft Ideas for Adults

Looking for some great Christian crafts for adults? In this post, I’ve compiled a list of ten faith-focused craft ideas, ranging from super easy kits, to more advanced crafts.

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I might be biased, but I think crafts are AWESOME! My earliest memories of crafting were in Girl Scouts, and from my grandmother teaching me how to needlepoint. And I’m so grateful that my love of crafting has only grown since then!

Nowadays, many of my crafting endeavors center around my faith and relationship with God (like Bible journaling), and loving my neighbors (making handmade cards, and crafts to give as gifts). Not only is crafting fun and in some cases even therapeutic, but it can also be a great way to spend time with God and create things that help you keep your eyes on Jesus.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “crafty” or “artistic” person, I guarantee there are still plenty of options for you! I mean, c’mon, if a child can finger paint, you can too. It’s all about finding Christian crafts for adults that match your interests and skill level.

And if you’re totally crafty and can’t wait to discover the next DIY religious craft project to dive into? I might just have some ideas for you!

10 Christian Crafts for Adults

10 Christian Crafts for Adults

Some of these Christian craft ideas are super-easy, and don’t require any additional supplies other than what comes with the kit. And others are a bit more advanced and give you more creative freedom!

1) Paint by numbers

🎨 Are you paint-by-numbers kind of person? With this type of Christian crafts for adults, all you have to do is follow the instructions, to create a beautiful artwork that will remind you of God’s love and mercy towards you!

➔ There are several of these Christian painting kits you can get on Amazon, including the one pictured above, and a similar one of Jesus reaching down into the water to rescue you.

2) Diamond dot painting

Do you have an eye for detail? Enjoy getting lost in a meticulous craft project for hours? Diamond paintings are excellent craft ideas for adults who want a deeply meditative, detailed craft project to really ‘sink their teeth into’.

Each kit comes with a printed template that shows you exactly where each diamond color should go, along with all the diamond dots and other supplies you’ll need to complete the picture. It’s sort of like paint-by-numbers, except you’re ‘painting’ with tiny rhinestones!

➔ On Amazon, you can find many diamond painting Bible verse crafts for adults, like the Philippians 4:13 verse pictured above, or there’s also a nativity scene, pair of crosses, or this breathtaking resurrection painting.

3) Painted rocks with crosses or Bible verses

painted rock with golden cross - RockPainting101.com

Our next Christian craft for adults, is rock painting! This is a great craft to get into, if you want to make something memorable that you can easily share with others. Painted rocks with Bible verses or encouraging words can be left in your neighbors’ garden, or in a public park, or anywhere you can think of where people can find them.

Other cool ideas for painted rocks: Use a heavier one as a paperweight, give smaller ones away as Bible verse pocket pieces, or paint a really huge rock and set it in your flower bed or on your porch—so visitors to your home will be welcomed with an encouraging verse. Rocks can be such creative Christian gifts!

➔ If this sounds like your kind of craft, check out RockPainting101.com for how to get started! And if you need some Christian art ideas for your rocks, try the nativity silhouette, or this calvary crosses scene.

4) Bible verse coloring books

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Of all the religious crafts for adults you could do, coloring requires the least amount of skill (obviously), AND it’s so therapeutic! Not only is it a great stress-reliever, but when you’re coloring Bible verses, it can help you memorize the verse, and think about what the verse means and how you can apply it to your life. Talk about a win-win!

➔ You have tons of options, too. There is Color the Words of Jesus (pictured above), The Psalms in Color, and many many more. BONUS: When you finish a coloring page, you can always cut out that page and frame it! Or, get a set of Bible verse coloring cards, so you can easily share Scriptures with friends.

5) Bejeweled crosses

cross crafts for adults

There are so many cross craft ideas for adults! This is one craft where you have the opportunity to let your creativity fly, and adorn a cross with paints, mosaics, or whatever you like.

But, if you’re looking for a specific cross craft idea, I like painting a wood cross with acrylic paints, and then adding rhinestone cross stickers (or any other rhinestone stickers you like) on top. You don’t have to be a master painter—just do some abstract brush strokes in whatever way you like. The jewels add an extra special finishing touch, yet with very little effort on your part. 😉

6) Pipe cleaner crosses

Jesus is risen craft

Up next, we have a super simple cross craft idea that only takes maybe ~2-3 minutes to make, and all you need is a pipe cleaner! This was the very first Christian craft idea for adults that I wrote, back when this blog was brand new. And it’s so simple, nearly everyone can do it.

Once you get started making these little crosses, you can use them in countless different ways! String a ribbon through the top of one, to make a Christmas ornament. Or, nestle three crosses into an Easter basket to create your own “Jesus is risen” craft for an Easter decoration.

These pipe cleaner crosses would also make great womens ministry craft ideas, since they don’t require much supplies or expertise to make, and you could make a lot of them in a short amount of time (such as for putting in care packages, decorating the church for Easter, etc.).

7) Sand art crosses

Do you want a super easy activity, that’s requires NO prior crafting experience? These cross sand art craft kits come with the crosses, different colors of sand, a funnel, and even a color symbolism guide with each color representing a different aspect of Christian life.

➔ These cross sand art kits are so easy to make, they would also be a great kids activity for a Sunday school class, Christian homeschooling, or youth group!

8) Nativity shadow box

nativity scene shadow box - God with us

Next on this list of Christian crafts for adults, is something to help you celebrate and honor the birth of Christ! This nativity shadow box is fairly simple to make, and you can get as creative or elaborate as you want with it.

➔ You can get the full instructions here, but basically all you need is a shadow box, nativity silhouette paper cutout, and some things to decorate the box with. I added gold star garland to the inside of the box, and adhesive vinyl on the front of the glass.

9) Custom wood pallet sign

Called to Create sign

This is one of my favorite Christian crafts that I’ve ever made! It’s an awesome wood pallet sign, which hangs next to my craft desk and says “called to create”. But you could make a similar sign that says anything you like! For example: “God is love”, “Called to love”, “Created with a Purpose”, “walk by faith”, “pray without ceasing”, or pretty much anything you can fit onto the pallet board. I made mine with gold and rainbow painted letters on whitewashed board, but you can make yours with any colors you choose.

➔ Check out the original “Called to Create” tutorial here, to get a list of supplies and instructions for how to make one!

10) Bible verse embroidery

Elly & Grace "blessed" embroidery kit

Finally, the last of our Christian craft ideas for adults is something fun and useful: embroidery! Elly & Grace has these sweet embroidery kits, like the “blessed” kit pictured above; they come with ALL the supplies and instructions you need, so you can totally make it, even if you’re a beginner!

➔ BONUS: When you use the coupon code DIVINECREATIVELOVE you can get 10% off your entire Elly & Grace order! In addition to the embroidery kits, they also have Bible verse apparel and decor.

Just imagine what you could do with an embroidered piece like this… make it into a pillow, frame it, or even stitch your embroidery onto a tote bag or an apron.

Christian crafts for adults - Elly & Grace embroidery kit

Which of these Christian crafts will you make? I challenge you to think about what kind of Christian crafts for adults will help you grow in your faith, and enable you to share God’s love by giving the crafts as gifts or to charity.

Once you’ve decided on a craft project, all that’s left is to set aside some time for it, and enjoy the process of creating and sharing your creations. Happy crafting!

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  1. It’s a nice post! Especially I like the cross. I was looking for some crosses for crafting and only could find small ones for necklaces, but your post helped. Thank you!

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