How to Stay Focused on Jesus?

Life is crazy y’all! With all the stuff going on in the world, plus the insane pace of our own lives, it’s no wonder we lose sight of Jesus so easily.

We know how important it is to fix our eyes on Jesus. As Jesus himself said in John 15:1-8, we must remain connected to him (the True Vine) in order to bear fruit in our lives (to live for him, learning to love God and our neighbors as he instructs us to). We simply can’t do or be what God has called us to, if we’re not staying connected to Christ.

So, then, with all the distractions in this life that threaten to take our eyes off Jesus, how do we keep our focus squarely on Him?

In this short and sweet 3-day email series, we’ll talk about exactly that. If you’re looking for encouragement and wisdom, that you can RUN WITH, you’re in the right place!

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