The Ultimate Bible Journaling e-Book

I created this digital book, to solve the which-verse-should-I-journal-about-this-week dilemma. If you’re unsure about Bible journaling, either because you’ve never done it before, or you just need an extra push to make it a habit, this e-book is for you!

It’s a one-stop-shop of basic tutorials, printables, and weekly Bible study and journaling prompts. You can follow the plan laid out in the book, and never have to wonder which topic to study this week. Or, you can jump around, and pick the topic you want to study. You have options!

WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Ultimate Bible Journaling e-Book comes with 167 pages of tutorials, devotionals, and printables!

The Basics: Introduction and Tutorials

  • A brief introduction to journaling, with Bible study tips.
  • Tutorial: How to gesso (prep) your Bible page for wet media like paints
  • Tutorial: How to create a layered background on the page
  • Tutorial: Creative tab ideas to mark your Bible pages

Bible Journaling e-book intro and tutorials

The Devotionals: 52 Weekly Bible Journaling Studies With Creative Prompts

  • Each devotional features a specific topic of study (like grace vs. works, gratitude, rest for the weary, and so forth).
  • There are three Bible verses to choose from, relating to the topic.
  • The devotional concludes with a prayer…
  • And, creative prompts to inspire your journaling!

Bible Journaling e-Book devotionals

The Printables: 3 Printable/Traceable Designs to Use in Your Journaling

  • “Be Salt & Light” printable (Matthew 5:13-16)
  • Fruit of the Spirit printable (Galatians 5:22-23)
  • Choose Joy printable (James 1:2-4, Psalm 118:24, or Psalm 51:12)

Bible Jounaling e-Book printables

TO SUMMARIZE, THAT’S: A 167-page e-book, which contains three tutorials, a year’s worth of weekly Bible study and journaling prompts, and three traceables, for only $7!!!

Plus, everything is linked for easy access, so if you want to jump straight to the printables, or go directly to the Bible study devo for week #33, you can easily do that.

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