Divine Faith Planner - undated Christian goal setting planner

Are you sick of traditional planners, that encourage you to “pursue your passions” and “just do what makes you happy”? You know as a Christian, that there’s so much more to life than those selfish pursuits. God calls us to work as for Him, to do good things for His kingdom. Our goal should be to glorify the Lord in whatever we do, and to love Him and our neighbors. That’s why it’s so frustrating, when traditional planners pull us in a different direction, more toward the world than to God.

But, you also know planning is such a useful tool! When you make plans, you can be more intentional with your life, and do more good for your family and community, yourself, and the wider world around you. So, you want a faith based planner that will encourage you to make good, God-honoring, people-serving plans, and work to achieve them. And you want that planner to remind you of your identity as a child of God: loved, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and set apart for God’s good purposes!

THAT is exactly why I created the Divine Faith Planner. Because planning and spiritual growth don’t have to be mutually exclusive: They can and should work together!

About the Divine Faith Planner, Undated + Printable Version

The Divine Faith Planner is a weekly Christian planner that will challenge you to grow closer to God, and to do more good things, not only for yourself or your family and friends, but for His Kingdom. It’s purpose is to help you set good, meaningful goals, and to focus on committing your plans to the Lord.

Divine Faith Planner - undated printable Christian goal setting planner

The Divine Faith Planner is NOT about being an over-achiever, or being perfect, or trying to control the outcome—it’s about being intentional with your life, and trusting God to take your humble offering and use it for His glory and in service of others.

You can make many plans,
but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.

Proverbs 19:21 (NLT)

Inside the planner, you’ll find:

  • Beautiful monthly and weekly calendar layouts, undated and ready for you to fill in
  • First-of-the-year spiritual assessment questions, vision and prayer pages, and goal setting pages
  • 12 monthly devotionals, each with Scriptures, a prayer, and a worksheet to help you apply God’s Word to your life
  • 12 Bible verse coloring pages, to go along with the monthly devotional themes
  • Quotes and verses on each monthly and weekly spread, which relate to that month’s devotional
  • Goal setting pages for each quarter of the year, so you can update and flesh out your goals for the upcoming three month period
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly follow-up questions, to help you evaluate your progress, and to encourage more growth going forward
  • In this undated version, all monthly, quarterly, and end-of-year content is arranged at the front of the planner, with weekly pages at the back.
  • Formatted for standard, letter size 8.5″x11″ paper—for easy printing
  • Wider inside margins, to accommodate hole punching or disc binding, so you can easily arrange your planner pages in a 3-ring binder or disc binding system (as pictured).
  • 232 pages in all, including 6 lined pages and 12 blank pages at the back of the planner, for extra planning and note-taking space

Divine Faith Planner undated printable pdf details

Who is the Divine Faith Planner for?

If you want to be challenged to grow more spiritually… if you want to pursue the goals and dreams God has laid on your heart… if you want a planner that will not just help you stay on top of your busy life, but also help you stay focused on Jesusthen the Divine Faith Planner is made for you!

{ But, if you’re not interested in glorifying God with your life, or growing more like Jesus, or achieving greater things for His Kingdom, then this planner probably isn’t your cup of tea. It also isn’t for you, if you’re just not a paper planner kind of person, or if you prefer a daily planner (as opposed to a weekly one). }

Excited to be more intentional with your life? Download your printable planner NOW, and get ready to kick-start your spiritual growth, achieve more good things for His Kingdom, and make a positive impact in your life and the lives of the people around you!

***Your Divine Faith Planner undated + printable edition will be available for download immediately after purchase! Look for the download link on your order confirmation page after checkout; the download link will also be sent to you in your order confirmation email. Please note: Your download will be in a zipped folder—follow these instructions to unzip the folder and access the planner pdf files.

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