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Are the shiny things of this world distracting you from God? Wish you could cut out the noise, to focus more on Jesus?

We all struggle with this… life is crazy, busy, and full of things that threaten to pull our attention away from Jesus. That’s why it’s so helpful to build routines and habits into your day that help you focus on your faith! In a swirling sea of activities, responsibilities, expectations, and even temptations, we must be intentional about making time for God.

The goal of the Focus on Jesus Plan is simple: to help you be more intentional about spending time with God… and not just once a day or once a week, but throughout your everyday life.

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What The Plan Includes:

  1. It begins with the “Faith Practices” worksheet, which walks you through what a typical day may look like in your life, and how you can build time with God into your routine. With this worksheet, you’ll set goals for yourself, to help keep your eyes on Jesus each day. The worksheet also includes a habit tracker, to help you get into a routine of spending time with God each day.
  2. Secondly, the Bible Study Resources e-book provides a list of great resources to deepen your study and understanding of God’s Word. There are suggestions for Bible reading, and study worksheets as well.
  3. And the Prayer Journal Printables give you a great place to keep track of your prayers/prayer requests, as you grow deeper in your prayer life. There are three designs included, and within each design there are a variety of different prayer tracking pages you can print out as needed.

Focus on Jesus - faith practices worksheet

1) The “Faith Practices” worksheet

  • Begins with the heart: seeking God earnestly, and committing yourself to Him afresh each day.
  • Walks you through your typical daily schedule, from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, to find ways to make time for God.
  • Helps you create an action plan for your daily faith practices.
  • Includes tips on how to make your new practices stick, and habit trackers to help track your progress.

Focus on Jesus - Bible study resources

2) The Bible Study Resources e-Book

  • Includes several handy lists of resources, like Bible reading plans, Bible verses and plans for specific topics (like overcoming struggles, or grieving a loss).
  • Contains Bible study tips, and a “books of the Bible” checklist, so you can keep track of which parts of the Bible you’ve read so far.
  • Comes with three Bible study worksheets: an “inductive” worksheet, and “S.O.A.P.” worksheet, and a “verse mapping” worksheet.

Focus on Jesus - prayer journals

3) The Prayer Journal Printables

  • The beginning of this e-book explains the benefits of using a prayer journal, along with explanations of three different prayer methods (P.R.A.I.S.E., A.C.T.S, and freestyle).
  • The journal pages come in three different designs: a simple black-and-white design, a “Garden of Life” floral design, and a “Watercolor Splash” blue and purple design.
  • Each design comes in seven printable prayer pages… a cover page, three prayer tracking pages (a P.R.A.I.S.E. prayer method page, A.C.T.S. prayer method page, and a freestyle create-your-own-prayer-categories page), plus a monthly prayer theme planner page, a page for recording answered prayers, and a blank lined page for writing down your prayers.
  • Whichever prayer journal design you choose, you have the freedom to create your own custom prayer journal system, by printing as many of each page as you need.

💟 My prayer is that the Focus on Jesus Plan will help you to be more intentional about seeking God through His Word, praying continually, and learning to love more like Jesus each day. Give God your heart and your devotion, and let the rest follow.

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