Bible Journaling Ideas You Can Do in Less Time

Don’t let life’s demands keep you from spending time in God’s word! Try these simple Bible journaling ideas, which you can do even in as little as 15 minutes.

Bible journaling ideas

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just don’t have time.

Life is busy, things happen, and maybe that hour or two that I set aside for Bible journaling ends up only being 15 or 30 minutes.

In those situations, it can be tempting to throw in the towel, and just NOT Bible journal at all. I know I can’t get my usual, more elaborate, journals done in that time. Wet paint, full page ink stamping, and complex patterns and backgrounds…those things take a lot more than 30 minutes!

But increasingly, when I run short on time, I do still try to journal. I just use one of several Bible journaling techniques that I know will be less time-consuming, like keeping it to a smaller area, instead of filling the whole page.

Bible journal - Mark 14:3-9

Why make time for Bible journaling anyway?

Maybe for you, you’ve never even tried Bible journaling, because you see all the elaborate Bible journaling pages on Pinterest or Instagram, and you think it must require hours and hours to create them.

But Bible art journaling is about more than just creating elaborate art. It’s about connecting with God—praising Him, studying the Scriptures, and just sitting at his feet and learning from Him. That’s why it’s worth it to set aside some time for creative Bible journaling on a regular basis (whether it’s 15 minutes or two hours). It’s about studying God’s Word on a deeper level, and creating art or notes (or both) that help you process and remember what you’re learning.

It’s not a substitute for daily Bible reading, though! Instead, it’s a great way to dive deeper into the Scriptures, on a weekly or even monthly basis. (I strive for weekly journaling, but depending on what’s going on in my life each week, there are some times when I only journal once or twice a month.)

Bible Journaling Ideas for When You’re Short on Time

So, now that we’ve established the importance of Bible journaling… What can you do on those occasions when you need some easy Bible journaling ideas that won’t take much time? It helps greatly to have some Bible journaling supplies that don’t require much time to use.

Here are four Bible journaling ideas that you can “run” with; three that use easy supplies, and one collection of ideas for how you can make more time for journaling.

Psalm 84:11 coloring page


Using dry media like colored pencils or crayons is a great option, since there is no prep or cleanup required, and you can do as little or as much coloring as you have time for. You can totally create your own illustrations (and come back to them another day if necessary). You can even use a fine pen, like these Pigma Micron Bible pens, to create a traditional black outline to color in. Or, for maximum ease, try The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible which has illustrations pre-printed in the margins.


Pasting in Bible journaling stickers, washi tape, and other such items, is another great option when you’re pressed for time. You can also allow the stickers to inspire you as you ponder the meaning of the Scripture. There are many great paste-in items available as individual items. Or you can purchase a kit like this Christian Art Gifts Bible journaling kit, which has many different Bible journaling ideas and options, from stickers to stamps, and more. You can even find Bible journaling stencils or traceables that make it easy for you to create art in your Bible, with little time or effort.

micro Bible journaling


It sounds fancy, but micro Bible journaling is really just adding notes and tiny drawings to a traditional Bible (with margins that are only 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide, as opposed to a journaling Bible with 2″ margins). This option is great if you can’t/don’t want to spend a lot of time journaling. With only limited space available, you have to write (or draw) very small, which by nature will require less time than filling up a 2” margin.


If you really want to sit down for a longer Bible journaling session, but you can’t seem to set aside the time for it, try these trade-offs…

  • Ditch that TV show, so you can spend more time in God’s word. Yes, I’m talking to you, Netflix binge-watcher. In some cases, it may be helpful to ask yourself, is this TV program truly adding value to my life? Is it dragging me down (towards worldy values), or lifting me up (towards the things that God values, such as love, faithfulness, and mercy)?
  • Skip the shopping trip that would’ve just resulted in more stuff that you don’t really need. Stay home (or return home earlier from work), and saturate yourself in the Word. BONUS: A year from now, you’ll spend less time decluttering that stuff you bought and barely/never used!
  • Reduce your obligations/clear your calendar. Not every event must be attended, and you don’t have to say yes to every request. Try scheduling a specific time in your calendar for Bible study/journaling. That way, even if you feel pressured to attend/volunteer/whatever, you can say “Sorry, my calendar is already full.”

I know, life is crazy, and it can be difficult to prioritize time with God. But I do believe God wants us to spend time with him through Bible study and prayer, and if we earnestly seek him, he will make a way.

I do hope you’ve found these Bible journaling ideas helpful! Also, if you’re new to Bible journaling, be sure to check out this post, which has lots more info on how to get started.

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