10 Awesome Christian Valentine Crafts

Looking for some awesome Christian Valentine crafts for yourself or the kids? These ideas range from easy craft kits, to elaborate DIY projects. But they all have one thing in common: They share the love of Christ!

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Valentine’s Day is definitely not my favorite holiday. Yes, I know, not the best way to begin a post about Christian Valentine crafts, but hear me out!

As a perpetually single individual, V-day has often seemed like a mixed bag to me. It’s a holiday that celebrates love—in particular romantic love—and thus kind of overlooks those of us who haven’t ever found their “special someone”.

And sure, I know it can still be a great holiday to express love and celebrate with other family and friends, but the fact remains that, for a lot of people, Valentine’s Day can represent the love they don’t have, rather than the love they DO have.

Kind of like how I feel about listening to country music… I used to really enjoy it, until I realized that all those sappy love songs were just making me pine after something I didn’t have. Nowadays, I listen exclusively to Christian music, which makes me rejoice over what I DO have—the love of Jesus Christ!

10 awesome Christian Valentine crafts

So, when it comes to making Christian Valentine cards, DIY Valentine gifts, and Valentine décor, my goal in recent years has been to make things that share the love of Christ with others. Because nobody should feel left out or even downright unloved on Valentine’s! Even for those who are single, or whose parents were not very loving towards them growing up, or maybe the folks who are living in a new place and don’t have friends yet… The best Christian Valentine ideas can remind them that God loves them, no matter what!

10 Awesome Christian Valentine Crafts

That’s what these easy DIY Valentine gifts and décor aim to do… to remind others that THEY ARE LOVED, and NOT FORGOTTEN! These Christian Valentine crafts are a sweet way to pass along the love of Christ to someone else.

Many of these projects are great to do with kids, to teach them about God’s love. And others are a bit more sophisticated—great for giving as gifts. But whatever you make, remember to back up the sentiment with REAL loving kindness towards every person. We can all do a better job of showing love, respect, mercy, and grace to others each day!

1) Salt Dough Scripture Valentines

salt dough Scripture Valentines

Points to Lisa at This Pilgrim Life for coming up with this sweet Bible Valentine craft that’s a great activity for the whole family to make together! The salt dough only has three ingredients, so it’s simple to make. And, once the hearts have been baked and painted, you (or your kids) have creative freedom to choose which verses to write on them. And, the finished hearts can then become magnets or hanging ornaments, whichever you prefer. So precious!

2) God Loves You S’mores

Christian Valentine gift - God loves you s'mores

Okay, so this sweet Christian Valentine gift is not that crafty, but it’s still super fun to put together, and who doesn’t love s’mores? The idea comes from Kim at Not Consumed, and is one of seven sweet Christian Valentine treats that she offers free printables for. To get the “God loves you s’more than you know” printable, scroll down to the bottom of her page and sign up for the printables kit.

By the way, I think these s’mores would make adorable DIY teacher Valentine gifts… a wonderful token of appreciation for the Bible teachers, kids ministry volunteers, or anyone else who gives their time and talent to teach the next generation about Jesus.

3) Valentine Prayer Box Craft Kit

Speaking of sweet Christian Valentine crafts! This prayer box craft is so precious, and would make such a cute and easy Valentine craft for kids. It’s a great reminder that “We love because He first loved us”. (1 John 4:19)

TIP: The prayer box craft kit comes with all the supplies and instructions you need to make 12 of these little prayer boxes, so it’s a great project to share with friends and neighbors, or for a kids craft activity at church!

4) “God is Love” Windsock

Valentine windsock craft

Of all these Christian Valentine crafts, this one might be the easiest. You gotta hand it to Julie at The Happy Home Fairy for making it with inexpensive supplies… it even incorporates a cereal box for the heart!

5) Love Buckets: Family Valentine Tradition

Valentine's Day love buckets

If you have kids and are looking for an awesome ‘love one another’ craft tradition to teach them to love and encourage others, this is the best! It’s not Christian per se, but it IS all about showing love. Kudos to Kierste at Old Salt Farm for creating such a sweet tradition! The idea is, in the days leading up to Valentine’s, each family member puts love notes and goodies into the others’ buckets, and then on Valentine’s, the whole family sits down together to go through their love-filled buckets. So special!

6) 1 Corinthians 13 “Love Is” Banner

1 Corinthians 13 love is banner Valentine

Up next, is this beautiful banner from ChristianityCove.com… it’s another awesome Christian Valentine craft for kids, which is fun to make and is also a great teaching tool for them to learn about the truest definition of love—as found in 1 Corinthians 13. The materials to make this project are so simple, you might already have them on hand: just construction paper and string!

7) “Love is…” Ornament Craft Kit

Similar to the banner above, this is another Christian Valentine’s Day craft that makes a great teaching tool for kids, to learn what LOVE really means according to the Bible. Only, with this ornament, it’s a ready-made kit that comes with all the supplies you need to make it! Easy peasy!

8) “God is Love” Wooden Heart Magnets

Christian wooden heart magnets God is love

This cute little God is love Valentine craft is courtesy of LaVonne at Long Wait for Isabella. It’s a fairly simple project, which requires minimal crafting skills… the hearts are decorated with paint and adhesive jewels, and finished with a magnet on the back. Then, you can use her free “God is love” printable to make the cards to attach the magnets to for gifting!

9) “Jesus Loves You” Necklace

Valentine clay necklace craft

Looking for some great Jesus Valentine crafts that share the gospel message? This sweet little heart necklace is so impactful, especially when paired with the FREE “Jesus loves you” printable cards, which feature John 3:16. Sweetness aside, it’s always the truth of God’s love as shown in these Christian Valentine crafts, that makes them so meaningful.

10) Magnetic “You Are Loved” Valentine Card

magnetic Christian Valentine cards

Lastly, this one’s for the adults in the room! I originally designed these DIY Valentine gifts to give to my co-workers (at my retail job), and for the past several years I’ve also passed them out to grocery store workers, staff at the doctor’s office, or whoever else I happen to cross paths with on Valentine’s Day. They function so well as coworker gifts, because there’s a magnet attached to the back, so they can go on places like lockers, metal desks, or the break room fridge. (I put them on my coworkers’ lockers).

To make these magnetic Christian Valentine crafts, simply print the Bible verses on cardstock, cut out the heart shapes as desired, and assemble. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the shapes from white cardstock and red cardstock, but you could also use some heart paper punches to do this, or cut the hearts by hand.

On the front side of the large hearts, I used this Hero Arts “All My Heart Peek-A-Boo Parts” stamp set (which you can get directly from Hero Arts or on Amazon) to add the gold hearts background on the front side, and “you are loved” on the little white hearts. The red scalloped heart + the little “you are loved” hearts are then attached to the bigger heart with double-sided craft adhesive.

you are loved Valentine with magnet glued on back

At this point, you could give away these little Christian Valentine gifts as-is. Or, add the magnetic component, by gluing a ½ inch round magnet to the back of each card with craft glue (such as Aileen’s Tacky Glue). And, voila! A magnetic Valentine that serves as a beautiful reminder of God’s love and care for each of us. (Pictured below on my metal office drawers).

magnetic you are loved Valentine

I hope you’ve enjoyed these awesome Christian Valentine crafts! Now, you have some great ideas for Valentines that encourage others and remind them of how very loved they truly are. The only questions that remains are, which craft will you make, and who will you bless with it?

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