15 Best Craft Subscription Boxes for Adults

Want some great arts and crafts projects, delivered right to your doorstep each month? I rounded up 15 of the best craft subscription boxes for adults, so all that’s left for you to do, is pick one and get crafting!

the best craft subscription boxes for adults

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Ever since my Girl Scout days, I’ve enjoyed a good arts and crafts project. Now, as an adult, I have craft supplies running out my ears, and so many project ideas I can’t keep up! Bible journaling, card making, and vinyl crafting are my current faves… but I’ve also done charcoal drawing, oil painting, and even crocheting too.

Crafting is just such a great therapeutic activity, and also a great way to love on our family, friends, and neighbors by making meaningful and useful things for them.

BUT, I know not everyone has the time, creative ideas, or the right supplies to craft with… and let’s face it, shopping for the right tools to try a new craft can be overwhelming!

Maybe that’s you… You just want to make cool things, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of crafting, and maybe end up with a wonderful handmade item you can give as a gift. But without all the hassle of finding a project idea, or deciding which new craft to try next.

So… craft subscription boxes to the rescue! With a monthly arts and craft subscription box, you get a crafty project delivered to you on a silver platter (okay, maybe not that fancy, but in a nice box anyway!). All the supplies you need are right there in the box, with instructions included, and all you need to do is start crafting!

15 Best Craft Subscription Boxes for Adults

The only problem is, there are so many great craft boxes available, the choice of which one to subscribe to can be overwhelming! So, here, I’ve rounded up 15 of the best craft subscription boxes for adults, arranged by type.

These craft boxes for adults were selected based on the theme and contents of the box, the overall quality, and reviews each one has received. I also chose to include a variety of different types, so no matter what kind of crafting you’re interested in, there is a box here for you!

Shortcuts (jump to the type of craft box you want!):
General Craft Boxes (wood, glass, etc.)
Paper Craft Boxes (cards, planning)
Needle Craft Boxes (sewing, knitting)
Drawing & Painting Boxes (art)
Vinyl Craft Box (adhesive and heat transfer vinyl)

1) Craft in Style! DIY Box

Craft in Style subscription box

First up in our best craft subscription boxes for adults, is the Craft in Style! Box, by Pop Shop America. This box gives you all the supplies you need to create a new Pinterest-worthy craft each month! A few examples of some of the crafts included are: terrariums, clay marbling, candles, and even gold gilding.

It’s a very sophisticated DIY craft box, which even gives you the option to choose the box you receive, or if you don’t like the current month’s box theme, you can choose to skip it or have a different box sent.

Get the Craft in Style! Box on Cratejoy, for yourself or as a gift!

2) Terra Create Box

Terra Create box

Our next craft subscription box, is the Terra Create Box, from Dream Maker Creative. This one isn’t just for adults, but also for tweens and teens as well. Terra Create gives you nature-inspired craft projects, using natural and recycled materials. Plus, each box comes with a short lesson on the cultural history of that project (for example, a dream catcher), and step-by-step instructions and examples.

→ You can find the Terra Create box on Cratejoy, as a 1-person subscription for yourself, or 2-person subscription so you can craft along with a family member or friend!

3) Poppy’s Hobbies Craft Box

Poppy's Hobbies Box

The Poppy’s Hobbies Box is a great craft subscription box for adults, if you’re interested in seasonal and holiday themed crafts! Each month of this box brings a new seasonal home decor project, inspired by upcoming events and holidays.

Sign up for the Poppy’s Hobbies Craft Box on Cratejoy now, to start creating awesome goodies for the upcoming holiday season! 😉

4) Craftee DIY Box

Craftee DIY Box

Want to try out the latest craft trends? The Craftee DIY Subscription Box hooks you up with a new, Instagram-worthy craft project each month! Examples include an alcohol ink art project, carving your own rubber stamp, and even making your own resin coasters (pictured above).

Get the Craftee DIY Box, plus many more awesome subscription boxes, on Cratejoy today!

5) Craftsman Crate

Craftsman Crate

If you thought craft subscription boxes were only for women, think again! The Craftsman Crate was designed especially with men in mind, but can be for anyone ages 12 and up who’s interested in cool crafts like wood carving, leatherworking (pictured above), and even basket weaving! Get one for the man in your life… who knows, he may even discover a new favorite hobby he never would’ve tried otherwise. 😉

→ You can easily sign up for Craftsman Crate on Cratejoy (or, send to someone as a gift!)

6) The Adults & Crafts Crate

Adults and Crafts Crate

Next up in our tour of the best craft subscription boxes for adults, is the Adults & Crafts Crate! This box is similar to the Craftsman Crate above, in that it includes sophisticated crafts for classy adults. The craft techniques featured in the Adults and Crafts Crate are truly unique and very hands-on, like wood burning, and engraving. The projects featured in this box are the most “adult” of all these 15 craft boxes, with items such as clocks, wine carriers, and resin coasters. The style of the craft projects is also very modern and sophisticated as well.

→ If that sounds like fun for your and/or your friends, get the Adults & Crafts Crate on CrateJoy today!

7) IndieStitch Sewing Box

IndieStitch Box

Alright, moving onto some needle crafts! This next box is the IndieStitch Sewing Box, which is a wonderful hobby subscription box for sewers of all levels. It includes a variety of different clothing items to sew, with enough fabric for any size required (all the way up to 3X). All you need for this box, is a sewing machine, and a knowledge of basic sewing skills… they provide all the patterns, notions, and fabric you’ll need to complete each project. So if you enjoy sewing, this box is a great way to try new things and expand your seamstress skills!

→ BONUS: When you subscribe to the IndieStitch Sewing Box on Cratejoy, you get more than just the box! You also receive membership to a supportive sewing community, sewing tutorials, and exclusive membership discounts to favorite sewing stores! How cool is that?

8) Knit-Wise Box

Knit-Wise Box

Speaking of needle crafts, how about some knitting or crocheting? The Knit-Wise Box is a great craft subscription box for adults, regardless of skill level. They have several box options, including the “Knit-Wise Monthly” (with one new knitting project each month), a “Knit-Wise Crochet” box (with one new crochet project each month), and a “Just-the-Yarn” box (yarn only). And, with each box, you can specify “beginner” or “intermediate/advanced”, so you’ll receive projects to fit your skill level.

→ Ready to get started? Pick out your Knit-Wise knitting or crocheting box on Cratejoy now!

9) The Paper Crate

The Paper Crate card making box

Woo-hoo, let the paper crafts begin! Now THIS is a paper craft subscription box
I could get into: The Paper Crate is all about card making… each monthly box includes supplies to make at least four different cards! Supplies include embellishments, stamp sets, and more. Plus, new subscribers get a free welcome kit, and each box comes with a surprise! How fun!

→ Excited to start creating your own handmade cards? Subscribe to The Paper Crate on Cratejoy today!

10) Pipsticks Pro Club Classic

Pipsticks Box

Speaking of fun, how about some stickers? If you’re into planning, journaling, card making, or anything like that, the Pipsticks Pro Club Classic box might just have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. Every box comes with $50+ worth of stickers and stationery, so you can plan and journal to your hearts content.

→ C’mon now, if you love stickers, you know you wanna sign up for Pipsticks on Cratejoy! HINT: It would also make a fantastic gift for the crafty teenager in your life, to use in their notebooks, journals, and planners.

11) Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box

Charcoal Expressions drawing box

Oh my gosh y’all, this box brings back memories of my college drawing class… getting my fingers covered in charcoal, to create a masterpiece (no joke, my final project for that class was a massive four-foot-tall drawing of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings!).

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to learn charcoal drawing, the Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box is your ticket! It’s an awesome art subscription box for adults, which includes two drawings per month—plus video tutorials, paper, and supplies. No prior drawing experience required!

Get the Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box on Cratejoy, for yourself or a friend!

12) Paletteful Packs

Paletteful Packs

Do you enjoy painting and mixed media art? Are you excited to discover cool new art supplies? If so, you’ll love Paletteful Packs! This awesome subscription arts and crafts subscription box for adults brings you all best art supplies, like watercolors, markers, pens, pastels, and so forth, in a themed box each month. Unlike other craft boxes, there isn’t a specific project provided, but instead they give you prompts, tips, and techniques for how to use the supplies in each box. You can also buy past packs a la carte via the Paletteful website!

→ If you have an aspiring artist in your life, or perhaps someone who loves to explore new art media, gift them a subscription to Paletteful Packs on Cratejoy! There’s even a “young artist” box for the kids or teenagers in your life. 😉

13) Nature Sketch Crate

Nature Sketch Crate

Looking an art box specifically for beginners? The Nature Sketch Crate may be your best craft subscription box for adults—especially if you’d love to create nature-inspired art. This beginner crate includes two new plant/animal subjects each month, with step-by-step sketching lessons. And even if you already know how to draw, it’s a great way to learn new paint and ink techniques as well.

Sign up for Nature Sketch Crate on Cratejoy!

14) Chameleon Box

Chameleon Box

Oh my, does this look like fun or what?! The Chameleon Box by Uplifted Online is all about the face paint! If you have young kids, neighbors with kids, or nieces/nephews, you KNOW they would love this. Whether you’ve always admired face painters at carnivals and wanted to learn yourself, or maybe you just want to paint your kids faces for Halloween, this art subscription box will help you to learn. They have several different box options to choose from, including “beginner”, “aspiring pro”, and “serious hobbyist”. It really does look like a lot of fun!

→ This is one box that will delight not only yourself, but potentially your kids or even your neighbor’s kids too. Pick out your Chameleon Box on Cratejoy now!

15) Expressions Vinyl Mystery Box

Last, but not least of our best craft subscription boxes for adults, is the Expressions Vinyl Mystery Box! If you have a cutting machine (like a Silhouette or Cricut), you owe it to yourself to try vinyl crafting. I had my Silhouette Cameo for a good three years before I ventured into vinyl crafting, and I can’t believe I waited so long!

Decorating my own t-shirts, bags, and home décor with vinyl has been a blast, and the great deals and excellent customer service at Expressions Vinyl have made it even better. Their bi-monthly craft vinyl subscription box includes of mix of adhesive and heat transfer vinyl, with a curated theme for every box, and even some exclusive patterns that aren’t available for sale yet! The box comes with an assortment of free cut files, and is especially great if you need creative inspiration for what to make in each season (like, for fall or Christmas).

→ If that sounds like fun, sign up for the Expressions Vinyl Mystery Box now! Subscriptions usually sell out quickly, but if they do, you can always join their wait list to be notified when more subscriptions are available.

crafting subscription boxes

And, that’s a wrap! 15 of the best craft subscription boxes for adults, with something for everyone! If you’re wanting a fun box for yourself, you probably already know which one you’d like. And as for gifts? I’d definitely go with the Craftsman Crate for the man in your life, the Knit-Wise Box for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn knitting or crocheting, and for the budding artist you can’t go wrong with the Paletteful Packs or Nature Sketch Crate.

With so many great options… Which one will you choose?

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