CREATE: Pipe cleaner crosses (super-simple)

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P1020742I have no idea why I bought a bunch of pipe cleaners who-knows-how-many-years ago, and I don’t remember what possessed me to make a cross out of one a few years back.

But whatever the reason, it turned pretty cool, so I made more.

If you too have a bunch of craft-store pipe cleaners lying around, this is a great use for them! Or you can always get some if you don’t already have them.

pipe cleaner cross - step 1It’s a super-simple project that pretty much anyone can do, it only takes about five minutes to make, and is useful for many applications (see my ideas at the bottom of this article).

1) Start by folding your pipe cleaner in half, like so:

2) Grip the bottom end of the folded pipe cleaner in your left hand, and the top end in your right hand, and push inward from both ends, so the middle starts bending outward. Basically you’re just forming the top part of the cross and the crossbar, so you’ll want to push the pipe cleaner out at about 1/3 from the top, where the crossbar needs to be. The pipe cleaner will flex easily, so you can adjust and re-adjust in order to get the right proportions for the cross.

pipe cleaner cross - step 2pipe cleaner cross - step 2 - example

3) Once you have it like you want it, straighten the bars so they look like this:

pipe cleaner cross - step 3

Almost done…

4) Grip the cross at the middle, where all the sections meet, and twist each section so it’s secure. Start with the top section: twist at the base (right above the crossbar), then twist another time higher up, and a third time at the very tip-top. I’ve found that three twists will do it for the short (upper) sections, and five twists is good for the bottom section, but of course you can adjust if you want to do more or less.

Once you finish, it should look something like this:


See how cool it looks with a two-color pipe cleaner? There are many varieties of pipe cleaners available, if you want to achieve a different look or dress it up for a specific usage.

Notes: If the bottom ends up being uneven, you can always trim the excess with a wire cutter. **The bottom of the cross will be pointy if left unfinished**, so if you want to be on the safe side and not risk finger-poking, use a hot glue gun to add a dollop of glue on the tip of the wires. (Regular craft glue would probably work too, but I like hot glue because it dries almost instantly, so you don’t have to worry about the glue dripping off or getting stuck to something else before it’s dry.)

Cool uses for pipe cleaner crosses:

  • Easter is coming up, so get some pastel pipe cleaners and make some of these crosses for Easter decorations!
  • Likewise, use them for Christmas decor, like the red-and-white cross pictured above.
  • Use as an adornment on a wrapped Christmas, Easter, or confirmation/first communion gift.
  • Poke one into the soil of a small potted plant. Bonus if the plant has Biblical associations, like a lily.
  • Tack one on your wall, or prop one up on your desk at work.
  • Hold a cross in your hands as you pray.
  • Give one to a friend!

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