Give a Little TLC to Your Long-Distance Friends

When my friend was recovering after surgery, I couldn’t make the trip to visit her, so I sent a care package. Here are some additional ideas you could use, to send love to your long-distance friends in their times of need.

care packages for long-distance friends

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What do you do, when you have a faraway friend who is going through a difficult or stressful time, and you wish you could help—but flying or driving to see them is out of the question?

💌 My suggestion is, send them a care package!

I loved the care packages my Mom & Dad sent me during finals week when I was a college student. But I never thought much about care packages being sent to someone other than a student or a member of the military…

That is, until one of my dearest friends had her first child, and then a few months later had major surgery…and I found myself wishing I could do something for her, in spite of the physical distance between us. And that’s when the idea of sending her a care package entered my mind. Yes! Here was something I could put lots of love & TLC into, so much more than simply sending her a “Get Well” card.

So, this is what I came up with:


I put in one of my homemade flaxseed heat packs (which ended up being perfect for her surgery site), and some ginger candies (since they’re good for stomach-calming, and nice treat anyway). And of course, a card too.

Really, nothing too fancy, and small enough to squeeze into the flat-rate USPS Priority Mail box. But OH, to read the sweet thank-you card she sent me a few weeks later…I’m so glad I was able to help in some small way.

This is definitely something I’ll do again, whenever I have a long-distance friend or relative who needs a bit of TLC. It’s such a great way to send love, encouragement, a helping hand, a pick-me-up, and so forth, even from far away.

If you want to do the same for someone in your life, feel free to steal some of my care package ideas here:

  • For someone who is strapped for time (maybe they’re new parents, or caring for a sick family member, or even something joyful like they’re planning a wedding, or starting their first job out of college), send a meal in dry-goods form. Like this jar of instant cheese soup mix, or this one with chicken noodle soup mix. 🍲 Or this handy chicken-and-rice-casserole-in-a-mug mix.
  • For a loved one who is going through a tough time emotionally, send something inspirational, like a booklet of pertinent Bible verses (bonus if it’s handmade), or something sweet and uplifting like these SONshine cookies. ✞
  • If you know someone who’s undergoing a stressful life change, put together a help kit like this one for moms…or if someone you know is moving, try these ideas for a moving survival kit.
  • Or, if your friend is just down-in-the-dumps about something, send a pick-me-up care package. Maybe some candy 🍬, a spa gift certificate, some scented bath salts, or whatever you know will cheer them up. 💕

See? Even with many miles between you, the possibilities for giving much love & TLC by mail are practically endless.

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