12 Best Bible Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring is such a great way to relax and meditate on Scripture! In this post, I’ll introduce you to 12 of the best Bible coloring books for adults.

Bible coloring books for adults

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Ah, coloring. There’s just something about it that relaxes the soul, am I right? I mean, it’s no wonder that coloring books for adults have become so popular in recent years! It’s such a great and creative way to unwind.

Some people may wonder ‘Is coloring a waste of time?’. And maybe it is, if you’re just coloring for colorings sake, or the page you’re coloring has a negative message on it.

But, for us as Christians, it can be so much more beneficial! Coloring in a Scripture coloring book can be so beneficial, as you meditate on the verse, think about how to apply it in your life, and even commit it to memory. Whether you’re using a Christian coloring book for adults, or you’re coloring in your journaling Bible, the positive effects are the same.

Spiritual Benefits of Coloring for Adults

If you need any more reasons to engage in Bible journaling and/or coloring Bible verses in a coloring book, here are a just few of the good benefits you could reap…

  • Slowing down/being still: Coloring Bible verses is a great excuse to take a break from the fast pace of life, and just “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Sometimes, we just go-go-go and don’t stop to pray and listen to God…and coloring can be an ideal opportunity to do that.
  • Meditating on Scripture: In the process of coloring, you can take time to ponder the meaning of each verse, and what it means for you. Be sure to pray while you’re coloring, asking God what He would like you to learn about that particular Scripture.
  • Commiting verses to memory: Do you have trouble memorizing Bible verses? If so, Bible journaling and/or coloring can help! By the time you’ve finished an elaborate Bible verse coloring design, there’s a good chance you’ll have that verse seared into your mind, without even trying.

12 Best Bible Coloring Books for Adults

Ok, now that we’ve established how beneficial Bible verse coloring can be, now onto the actual coloring books! In researching Bible verse coloring books for adults, I discovered that there are actually quite a lot of them available. But, not all are created equal.

I looked through about 30 or so Christian coloring books for adults, to pick the best ones. Some coloring pages only had generic designs, like mandalas or flowers, while others really stood out with unique illustrations that bring the Bible verses to life. I tried to find ones that had a good assortment of verses, beautiful designs, and also extra features like devotionals alongside the coloring pages.

These 12 Spiritual coloring books for adults are my top picks…

1) Bless the Lord, O My Soul: 365 Days of Psalms

This lovely Scripture coloring book is my top pick overall, because it goes beyond just coloring! There are 52 coloring pages, one for each week of the year, plus a Psalm for each day too. There is also space for reflection each day, so you can write a prayer, record your thoughts about the Psalm, or whatever you feel led to do. All the Psalms in this book are in the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible translation.

2) Inspiring Words: 30 Verses from the Bible You Can Color

If you like simple floral-inspired designs, this might be the best Bible coloring book for adults. It features 30 different verses in the NIV (New International Version), with flowery illustrations surrounding each verse.

3) Color the Promises of God

This beautiful coloring book includes 37 different verses (in several different translations), with whimsical floral designs by artist Lori Siebert.

4) Beauty in the Bible (Volume 2, Premium Edition)

This Christian coloring book for adults is one of my favorite picks here! It’s unique, in that the coloring pages are removable, and some are designed to fit a 5×7 frame, and other are designed to fit an 8×10 frame. Plus, the illustrations by artist Lindsay Hopkins are super sweet and simple. Some coloring pages are so elaborate, it seems it would take forever to complete, but her illustrations are simple, yet stunning! The book contains a total of 42 Bible verse illustrations. There is also a Beauty in the Bible, Vol. 1, but I like this Vol. 2 Premium Edition better.

5) The Psalms in Color

Want a Bible verse coloring book with lots of Psalms? This one’s got you covered, with 62 Psalms to color! Plus, the pages are perforated so you can remove and frame them if you desire, and there are also some pages that contain cards, bookmarks, gift tags you can color and cut out.

6) 365 Promises from God’s Word in Color

If you enjoy coloring elaborate designs, this might be the book for you! It’s a bit different from other Bible coloring books for adults, in that the verses are not actually part of the illustrations. The verses are printed in plain text on adjacent pages, and many of the coloring designs are just plain images without words. But, it contains over 100 illustrations to color, and like I said, if you enjoy traditional elaborate coloring designs, you might really love this different format! Bonus points if you desire a smaller book to carry with you, as this coloring book measures only 6.4”x5.75”.

7) My Favorite KJV Verses to Color

Do you prefer the King James Version of the Bible? This lovely coloring book features 62 gorgeous Bible verse illustrations, on perforated pages, all in the KJV translation. And, like the Psalms in Color book (#5 above), this book also includes bookmarks, cards, and gift tags you can color and cut out.

8) Promises to Bless Your Heart

The 62 gorgeous Bible verse illustrations in this book are my favorite of all the books here! They’re just so unique, and beautiful. I’m not a big fan of ornate mandalas and flowery designs, so this book is perfect. The designs are beautifully detailed, but without being so detailed as to be overwhelming. If I were going to buy just one of these Christian coloring books for adults for myself, this would be it. Bonus points that this book also includes some pages of bookmarks, gift tags and cards to color.

9) Colorful Scriptures Adult Coloring Book

Looking for some premium, artist-quality Bible verse coloring pages for adults? Then, this book is right up your alley! It features a spiral-bound, lay flat design, with premium quality coloring pages. There are 50 Bible verse designs altogether, and many are quite stunning. And the pages are perforated, so you can easily frame them once you’re finished coloring.

10) A Garland of Grace: Proverbs Coloring Book

Do you love the wisdom found in Proverbs? This coloring book does a beautiful job of bringing that wisdom to life! I just love Bible verse coloring pages with artwork that truly brings the verse to life, and this book definitely delivers on that. It features 62 beautiful images to color, plus several pages of cards, gift tags, and bookmarks. The pages are also perforated, for easy removal.

11) Be Blessed! Adult Christian Coloring Book

This Bible coloring book for adults is personally my 2nd favorite (after #8 above), because the designs are just so unique! The verse itself is very much a part of the artwork, versus other Bible verse coloring pages where the artwork can sometimes outshine the words in the Bible verse. There are 30 designs in all, each on perforated pages so you can easily tear them out and display them.

12) The Illustrated Words of Jesus for Women

Are you interested in a Christian coloring book for adults, but you don’t have much time to devote to coloring? This sweet little book might be just what you’re looking for. It contains 366 days of devotionals, and 392 pages of this book are edged with slim illustrations for coloring. These smaller designs won’t take nearly as long to color as full-page illustrations, so you can have the benefit of a daily Jesus-focused devotional and a little bit of Bible verse coloring even if you’re short on time. Sounds like a win-win to me!

And, the BEST Bible coloring books are…

So, to recap, my personal favorites are the Promises to Bless Your Heart (#8) and the Be Blessed! Coloring Book (#11), primarily for their unique designs that really bring the Scriptures to life.

If you’re looking for a coloring book that’s more than just coloring, that also features daily devotionals and/or space for reflection and contemplating the meaning of the Scriptures, go with Bless the Lord, O My Soul: 365 Days of Psalms (#1), or The Illustrated Words of Jesus for Women (#12).

And finally, if your aim is to hang your Bible verse coloring pages up on your wall once you’re finished coloring them, the best books for you would be the Beauty in the Bible Coloring Book (#4), or the Colorful Scriptures Adult Coloring Book (#9).

Which of these Bible coloring books for adults will you get for yourself, or to give as a gift? And how has coloring Bible verses helped you to ‘grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus’ (2 Peter 3:18)? I’d love to hear from you!

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