Bible Journaling with Distress Ink – Psalm 61

In this tutorial, I’m showing you how to do Bible journaling with Distress Ink on Psalm 61. This is a wonderful Psalm about worshiping God and acknowledging Him as our refuge.

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Sometimes, life can be a little rough (or a lot!)…and for those times, it’s so good to remember that God is our ROCK and REFUGE in the storm!

And Psalm 61 is one of many wonderful Scriptures, that remind us of that truth. Which is exactly why I chose it, for this tutorial on Bible journaling with Distress Ink.

Last week, I had my wisdom teeth out, and oh my! It’s been more of an ordeal than I expected. The first day was especially rough, and even a week later, I’m still very sore and achy, and still eating a soft-food diet. Overall, the whole process has been a lot longer and more involved than I thought.

So, I’ve really been craving spiritual comfort food, in the form of Psalms, to remind myself to focus on God and not worry as much about the pain or long healing process.

Bible journaling Distress Ink

Bible Journaling with Distress Ink: Psalm 61

And that’s where Psalm 61 comes in! I love what David says in verse 2: “lead me to the rock that is higher than I”. God is bigger than our troubles y’all! And whether or not He calms the storm for us, He has a plan to use it for good.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and that Psalm 61 inspires you to trust in God who is your ROCK and your refuge!


Psalm 61 - Bible journaling Distress Inks


If you’d like to create your own Psalm 61 Bible journaling page with Distress Inks and acrylic paint, here are the basic steps!

  1. Before you get started, I highly recommend prepping your page with gesso first. It really does make blending the Distress Inks so much easier.
  2. Use the blending tool to apply Distress Ink in your choice of color(s). I used the “Peacock Feathers” color, but you could do a different one or even blend two or three colors. Layer them as much as you like, to create a lighter or darker page. (Remember to be careful about smudging as you’re working though, as the Distress ink won’t dry fully for several hours. You can see in the video tutorial how many times I had to fix smudges on my page!)
  3. Once you’re done with the Distress Ink, you can add your choice of acrylic paint. (The color I used is FolkArt matte “Perfect Purple”.) Dilute it just a bit with water or a medium such as the Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid, to make it thinner, and then spread it over the page with a Paint It card or paintbrush. ***If you plan on adding paint over the Bible text, I recommend using MORE glazing liquid than paint, to make the paint mixture translucent enough that it won’t obscure the Bible text.
  4. Once the paint is dry, you can use stamps to add whatever words or images you like. The stamps I used are from the Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps “Mighty Fortress” and “Armor of God” sets, and I used a Delicata Golden Glitz ink pad.
  5. Add finishing touches as desired! You’ll notice in the video, I used gold and silver Uni Posca paint pens to make the cross and the words “You are my ROCK and my REFUGE” stand out more. And I used a Tombow Twintone pen to underline key verses in the Psalm.
Psalm 61 Bible journaling

As always, you don’t have to do your Bible journaling exactly like mine. Your journaling is a reflection of your unique relationship with God, and the unique ways He made you! So, use whatever supplies and techniques you like… The important thing is that you’re studying God’s Word, and spending time with Him.

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