Bible Journaling Inspiration: 5 Awesome Sources

Need some creative Bible journaling inspiration? There are so many great sources to jump start your creative juices. Here, I share five of my favorite sources.

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I get it… sometimes, inspiration seems hard to come by.

You want to use Bible art journaling as a means to spend time with God, worship Him, and learn from His Word. But, what on earth should you create in your journaling Bible? Especially if you’re new to Bible journaling for beginners, it may seem especially intimidating trying to decide what to put in your journaling Bible.

Fortunately, there are lots of great places to get Bible journaling inspiration… and not just scrolling Pinterest or Instagram looking at other people’s journaling pages! There are so many other places to get inspired.

Sometimes, it might be tempting to think that you’ve run out of inspiration… But so often, it’s right under our noses! You know, kind of like when you ‘misplaced’ your glasses, only to realize they’ve been on top of your head all that time. Inspiration is right there for the taking, if we only look for it.

Bible journaling inspiration

5 Awesome Sources for Bible Journaling Inspiration

So, where should one look, to get some great Bible journaling ideas? These five sources are some of my favorites…

1) God’s Word

It should go without saying, that God’s Word is our best source of Bible journaling inspiration! Look to the stories, lessons, wisdom, and truth of the Bible, to inspire your journaling. No matter what, you should always go to the Lord in prayer first, to ask what He wants to teach you. And, it also helps to know some great Bible journaling prompts to ask yourself, as you decide what to write or create in your Bible.

Bible journaling example - Psalm 19

2) God’s Creation

The second best place for inspiration, is the natural world around us! Wouldn’t you agree, that God’s Creation is FILLED TO BRIM with amazing sights and sounds? So, let the plants, animals, and landscapes drive your creativity. When I’m journaling in the Bible, some of my favorite things to use include: butterflies, waterfalls, rainbows, trees, and also just the beautiful colors of nature. What inspires you about God’s Creation, and how can you use that in your journaling?

Bible journaling with colored pencils - Psalm 1:2-3

3) Devotionals

Have you ever read a Bible study or devotional, and thought ‘WHOA! Truth bomb!’? You know God spoke that message right to your heart, and you don’t want to forget it. So, do a journaling page about it! Let the content of the devo inspire your journaling.

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4) Stamps

Sometimes, when I’m truly stumped, and not even sure what Scripture I want to journal on, stamps can provide that much needed boost of Bible journaling inspiration. In fact, stamps are one of my favorite Bible journaling methods! I especially love Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps “Creative Worship” line, and I’ve also recently discovered Art Impressions Bible journaling stamps. For the Bible journaling examples below, I used the “I Am” set from Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps, and the grape vine border from Art Impressions. (Click here for the full tutorial for this page!)

The True Vine Bible study and journaling page
Jesus is the True Vine - Bible study and Bible journaling

5) Stickers/printables

Much like the stamps, Bible journaling templates, stickers, and even stencils can be great sources of inspiration. Amazon sells a wide assortment of Bible sticker packs, and there’s also a great selection of Bible journaling printables available on Etsy!

So, you see, there is plenty of Bible journaling inspiration to be found, if you just know where to look!

What do you get your best Bible journaling ideas? I’d love to hear what inspires you, and how God has spoken to you as you journal His Word.

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