20 Bible Journaling Prompts to Help You Study God’s Word

What if you’re interested in using Bible journaling as a way to study God’s Word on a deeper level, but you’re just not sure where to start, or what to put in your journaling Bible? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! These 20 Bible journaling prompts will help.

20 Bible journaling prompts to help you study God's Word

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Bible art journaling is such an awesome and creative way to study the Scriptures, y’all. Every time I open my journaling Bible, I marvel at how it helps me meditate on God’s Word, and the stories and lessons in the Bible just really stand out and become that much more memorable.

There’s something very special about using a journaling Bible to record spiritual insights, lessons learned from Scripture, encounters you’ve had with God, and so forth.

And yet, I know it’s not always easy to get started journaling.

One question people ask me quite often, is “How should I Bible journal?” In other words, they want to know what to write in a Bible journal, which supplies to use, what kind of art to put on the page, etc.

The short answer is, whatever you find to be most helpful! There is really no right or wrong way to journal, as long as it’s enhancing your study of God’s Word, and helping you grow closer to Him.

What do you put in a Bible journal?

First, let me just say: your Bible art journaling is unique to YOU! It’s a reflection of your individual relationship with God, and your journey of studying His Word. So, don’t look at the way someone else journals, and think you have to do it exactly the same as they do.

That being said, there are lots of Bible journaling ideas to choose from! You can write insights that you received about the Scripture, lessons you’ve learned that relate to it, key words from the verse, things you’re struggling with, prayers, and so much more.

And in terms of artwork, you can put whatever you feel led to! Use symbolism, abstract art, or detailed drawings that depict the Scripture… Fill up the whole page, or just part of it… Whatever works for that specific passage.

Bible journaling with colored pencils - Psalm 1:2-3

You don’t have to always write or draw the same things, either. Each passage of Scripture may inspire you to do something different. There are sometimes when I simply write out the Bible verse in the margin. And others when I make a list, of qualities or characteristics about a Bible character or situation. In some cases, I’ll use stamps or stencils to create art that pertains to that particular Bible passage, and other times I’ll do something more abstract with swirls or patterns of color. It just depends on the situation!

20 Bible Journaling Prompts to Help You Study God’s Word

“But, SERIOUSLY”, you might ask: “What should I write in my journaling Bible? I need some good faith writing prompts!”

I hear you. Sometimes, it’s still a challenge to determine what to write about a particular Bible passage, or how to bring it to life visually. And in that case, it helps to have specific Bible journaling prompts, to jump-start your creative study juices! Try asking yourself (and God!) these questions, to determine what’s most important to learn and remember about each Scripture passage.

1) Ask God what He wants you to learn or understand.

The best of all Bible journaling prompts: Always, always, always, begin your journaling by asking God to help you! He may have a particular lesson He wants you to learn, a nugget of wisdom, or just a word of love and mercy for you. Ask Him to show you what He wants you to see in His Word.

Then, once you’ve prayed over it, ask yourself any or all of the following questions…

2) What is this passage teaching me about God, or about myself?

In your Scripture journaling, you’ll find that there are some verses that have a lot to say about who God is, and/or who you are in relationship to Him. Case in point, Psalm 23 tells us a lot about who God is! He is our counselor, guide, mentor, friend, provider, and protector (all the qualities of a Good Shepherd).

Psalm 23 Bible journaling page

3) What do I want to remember?

One way that Bible journaling can be so helpful, is by helping you retain the information you’re studying. So, what is it about this verse that you want to hang onto? What will be beneficial to continue to refer back to later? Put that in your Bible study journal!

In your daily Bible journal time, you might find yourself with a passage like Philippians 4:8, or Galatians 5:22-23, which has multiple words or concepts you want to remember. In those cases, the simple act of writing them down (either in your Bible, or on a white board on your wall for example) can make all the difference.

4) What emotions does this Scripture evoke in my heart?

Of all the Christian journaling prompts, this one *might* actually make you cry. What does that Scripture inspire in you? Does it tug at your heartstrings, make you so grateful for God’s mercy, or send you to your knees in prayer? As an example, the story of Jesus’ birth always evokes feelings of awe and wonder for me. The fact that God would send His Son into our messy, broken world, to do the job of reconciling us to Him, is amazing.

Luke 2 - O Holy Night Bible journal

5) How can I give God praise for this truth?

Next up in our Bible journaling prompts, is this concept of praise and worship. With some Bible passages, the best response might simply be to PRAISE THE LORD! Certainly, it is good and right to praise God, and Bible journaling offers such a great medium for that!

Bible journaling watercolor page on Psalm 113

6) What about this Bible character or story do I want to emulate?

In the Bible, there are so many great lessons to learn from the mistakes, downfalls, successes, bravery, or wisdom of the people. So, when you’re reading such a story, what about that person do you want to learn from? (Or, what mistake did they make that you want to avoid?) Case in point, in the story of David vs. Goliath, I admire David’s confidence. He had such bold faith! So, that’s how I responded to the Bible journal writing prompts… I want that same bold confidence in God!

1 Samuel 17 45-47 David vs Goliath Bible journaling

7) What lesson do I most want to take away from this passage?

It’s the simplest of Bible journaling prompts: What’s the most important message or lesson I want to take away from this? Look for that profound truth that you want to carry with you… like in the Isaiah 53:5 example below, “Jesus paid it all—all to Him I owe”

Bible journaling prompts - Jesus paid it all

8) How does this relate to my life/what I’m going through?

To use journaling as a spiritual discipline, it can be helpful to record where you’re currently at in life, what you’re struggling with, etc. If a Bible story really resonates with you, then write down why it does, and maybe where you’re at in your relationship with God, and how He’s growing you. You could write about successes, triumphs, setbacks, or anything in your life that this Scripture is helping you through.

Case in point, this 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 journaling page is very personal to me, since I have narcolepsy, and I SO identify with everything Paul says in this passage. Every day, I lean heavily on the fact that God’s grace is sufficient for me, and I can boast all the more gladly that He gives me strength when I’m weary.

God's grace is sufficient - Bible journaling

9) What stands out to me about this Scripture passage?

Next up in our Bible journal prompts, is to simply “go with your gut”. If there is a particular aspect of the story, character(s), or message that resonates with you, then journal about that! I love it when God shows me something really impactful about a particular Bible passage, and I just can’t wait to journal about it so I won’t forget.

salt and light Bible journal

10) If I could choose one word or phrase to summarize this, what would it be?

Ooh, challenge accepted! Forget all your other Bible journaling prompts for a moment, and just ponder, if you could ONLY use one word or phrase to describe this Scripture, what would that be? Sometimes, a single word can speak volumes, as is the case for Hebrews 11:6 ~ “without FAITH it is impossible to please God”.

Hebrews 11 faith Bible journal

11) Is there something that delights my heart about this passage?

Are these Christian journal prompts really inspiring you to look deeper at God’s Word? I do hope so. I also hope that your heart delights in knowing God’s truth about who you are and how much He loves you! It’s always worth asking “What really delights my heart about that particular Bible chapter?”. As with Psalm 139, you might rejoice that “the Creator of the universe knows my name!”

Bible journaling with distress inks

12) What prayer might I pray in response to this verse?

I think sometimes it’s easy to get so lost in Bible study, that we forget to pray for understanding or thanksgiving or just praise (or is that just me?). So, consider if perhaps a written prayer would be a great response to that Bible passage you’re reading. You could write to God about how thankful you are for that truth… or ask Him for help applying it… or lament about a struggle you’re having that you want to trust Him with. BONUS: A written prayer can become a great testimony in the future, as you look back on it and see how God answered that prayer!

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13) How can I elaborate on this truth?

As you go through these Bible journaling prompts, don’t forget to look deeper at each Bible story or lesson. For example, look up definitions of words that are complex to you. Or better yet, look up the original Greek or Hebrew meaning of the word too! Research, ponder, and pray on anything that can help you expound on that Scripture, and what it’s telling you to do. Case in point, Matthew 6:19-21 tells us to “store up treasures in heaven”. So, to elaborate, I added some things that could be considered treasures in heaven… namely love, generosity, God’s Word, and relationship with Jesus.

treasures in heaven Bible journaling page

14) What are some analogies or concepts that drive this point home?

Have you ever noticed how wonderfully complex and rich the stories in the Bible are? I mean, you can read them a thousand times, and still yield new lessons, new ways of looking at it, and so forth. And hopefully, these Bible study prompts help you see those new insights! Take for example, the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4. Here, Jesus says that He is the living water. Which made me think, what’s the opposite of living water? Death water! So, to drive home the point of how much I want (and need) to partake of Jesus’ Living Water, I contrasted that with this idea of ‘death water’. The choice is crystal clear (pun intended!)

Bible journaling tutorial - living water - with Inktense pencils

15) Is there a song, poem, or quote that would help bring this to life?

If you’re like me, and you listen to Christian music or read books written by Christian authors, you might find that there are some great songs or quotes that really capture a particular Bible passage well. Case in point, the classic “At the Cross” by Chris Tomlin, from which I excerpted these lyrics “love ran red, sin washed white”. At the time I made this page, I had just watched The Passion of the Christ for the first time, and those words just seemed so appropriate to capture what I was feeling about Jesus’ sacrifice.

Easter Bible journal - at the cross

16) What symbolism comes to mind, when I meditate on this Scripture?

Up next in our Bible journaling prompts, are some questions to help you bring the Scriptures to life through art! Symbolism may not be obvious with every verse, but certainly there are some symbolic things you can use for Bible journal ideas. For me, anything having to do with new beginnings, I automatically think of butterflies (as a symbol of transformation and renewal of life). For hope, I often think of rainbows. So, if something symbolic comes to mind for you, then draw (or stamp, stencil, or trace) that imagery in your journaling Bible.

symbolism in Bible journaling - butterflies

17) What imagery would best bring this Scripture to life for me?

In terms of visual imagery, sometimes the Bible verse just truly speaks for itself. Other times, you might need to get more creative in your interpretation of it. You can use drawings of plants, animals, or people… abstract art styles, textures, borders, or backgrounds… or anything that seems good to bring God’s Word to life and make it more memorable for you! Even if it’s something that only you understand, like a ‘60’s hippie color scheme!

18) What colors are most appropriate, to represent that Bible story?

Colors make great Bible journaling prompts as well! Once you decide on the best colors to symbolize the Bible passage, that can set the tone for your journaling. For example, choose a deep red to represent Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. There’s purple for the royalty, majesty, or creativity of God. Blue to represent the heavens… green for nature or newness… red and orange for bearing fruit… and so on and so forth. Check out this guide to color symbolism, and let your chosen color(s) inspire your journaling.

19) How can I ‘burn’ or ‘sear’ this verse into my mind’s eye?

In terms of visual faith journal prompts, we’ve mentioned symbolism, imagery, and colors… but this ONE question really drives home the point. And that is, what can you put on your Bible journaling page, that is SO IMPACTFUL that you just can’t possible forget that Scripture? Of course, you might not always succeed at ‘capturing’ God’s Word perfectly in the art you create, but the goal is to make it memorable. And also, God may teach you a good lesson just through the process of journaling (He has certainly done that for me several times!)

Take this example of Lamentations 3:23… this image of a morning sunrise on the ocean with a lighthouse silhouette sticks in my mind, and reminds me that God’s mercies are truly NEW every morning, if only I make a point to look for them.

Lamentations 3:23 Bible journal - God's mercies are new every morning

20) And finally, how will I apply this Scripture in my life?

You know that old saying: ‘keep the main thing the main thing’. Well, I think you and I can agree, that the main point of studying God’s Word, is so we can apply it in our lives! So of course, this is absolutely a great thing to write in your journaling Bible. What actions will you take going forward, to apply this Scripture in your daily life? What changes do you need to make…old sins to let go of…new, better habits that you need to start…? Write it down, give it to God, and let Him change you from the inside out through His Word and His Holy Spirit. (Certainly, it’s important to take action, to cut out sin, or love your neighbor more, but you’ll need His help to accomplish that!)

Bible journaling example - Matthew 16:24-25

I hope you found these Bible journaling prompts helpful! Remember, there is no right or wrong way to journal; do what works for you, and what is most beneficial for your study of God’s Word.

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