Psalm 118:24 Bible Journaling Tutorial ~ Song Lyrics with Alpha Stamps

Join me for this Bible journaling tutorial on Psalm 118:24, featuring lyrics from Brandon Heath’s song “That’s Enough”.

Psalm 118:24 Bible journaling tutorial - song lyrics with alpha stamps

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Some days are just downright HARD.

Surely I’m not the only one who has those kinds of days, that are a struggle to find joy in, or even just survive? You too?

And yet, the Bible tells us that every day is a day God has made, and worth being grateful for!

So, that’s what this Bible journaling tutorial is all about! I’ve been hearing this awesome, uplifting song by Brandon Heath, called “That’s Enough”, which is a perfect complement to Psalm 118:24. The chorus goes like this:

🎶 I am here
I am loved
God is good
And that’s enough

This is what we can say to ourselves, on those days (or moments) that are tough… God is still good, and that’s enough. We can rejoice in this day that the Lord has made. And of course, I just HAD to put these lyrics in a Bible journal, and I wanted to share the process with you.

Bible Journaling Tutorial: Psalm 118:24

To bring the message of Psalm 118:24 to life with these lyrics, I utilized some fabulous alpha stamps as well as a music notes stencil from Sweet ‘n Sassy Stamps. And also, some of my other fave Bible journaling supplies… Gelatos, and gel pens. 😉

You can check out the entire process in the video tutorial below, and keep scrolling for complete details on which supplies I used, and step-by-step instructions. I hope you will join me, and create your own version of this Psalm 118:24 Bible journaling page!


These are the totally awesome Bible journaling supplies I used to create this Psalm 118:24 page!


As always, I encourage you to do be creative and do whatever you feel led to do for this Psalm 118:24 Bible journaling tutorial. You can totally use different supplies and techniques than mine. But, if you want to follow the exact steps I did, here they are…

  1. ***BEFORE YOU START*** If you’re using a regular journaling Bible, I recommend prepping your page with gesso first. But if you’re using an Illustrating Bible (as I did in the tutorial), you can skip that step—just don’t forget to place a blank sheet of paper behind your Bible page (see minute 2:09 in the video!).
  2. Use the Faber-Castell Gelatos to create a background! Smear some on a reusable palette (I use this one), add water, and paint it onto the page using a flat paintbrush. You can do just one color, or multiple colors if you wish. I used the ‘Aquamarine’ color from the Gelatos ‘Iridescents II’ set. Let dry, and add additional coats of color if desired.
  3. Next, create a musical backdrop. Place the music notes stencil on the page, and secure it in your desired spot using some low-tack tape such as the mint tape from Choose a darker color of Gelatos to use for this step (I used the ‘Blue Moon’ color from the Gelatos ‘Iridescents I’ set, however, it didn’t show up as well as I would’ve liked, so I would recommend choosing something darker). As with the previous step, smear your gelatos color on the palette, and add water. Then, use a sponge application tool such as this one from to apply the pigment to the stencil. Once you’re done, if necessary, you can move the stencil to a different part of the page and repeat to add the music notes to more of the page.
  4. Now, it’s time to add the song lyrics! Grab some alpha stamps and some ink and get stamping (I used the “Marker Alpha”, “Classy Script Alpha”, and “Marquee Alpha” stamp sets from Sweet ‘n Sassy Stamps, with a purple ink pad).
  5. Lastly, if desired, you can embellish with pens… I went back back over the lyrics with a purple glitter gel pen to connect the script letters, and a lighter purple metallic gel pen for the block letters. I also went over a few of the music notes with a blue metallic pen, just to make them show up better. And, I used a Tombow Twintone pen to write the “lyrics from…” note below the song lyrics.

Psalm 118:24 Bible journaling page with song lyrics from Brandon Heath

So, what kind of Bible journaling page will you make for Psalm 118:24? Will you use the same lyrics as I did (from “That’s Enough” by Brandon Heath)? Or perhaps a different song, like CAIN’s “I’m So Blessed”? Whatever you choose to do, I hope you’re reminded that every day is a good day that God has made, and rejoice that He’s with you always.

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