3 Bible Journaling Teachers to Learn From

Bible journaling is such an awesome way to connect with God through His Word, and to grow in your relationship with Him. And, there are so many different ways to journal! In this post, I’m sharing with you some of my fellow Bible journaling bloggers and their unique styles of journaling.

Bible journaling teachers to learn from

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It’s an irrefutable truth: In life, there is always something new to learn!

Four years ago, when I first started Bible journaling, I couldn’t have guessed how much I would learn. Both in the artistic techniques of journaling, and especially in my knowledge of God’s Word! And of course, I’m still learning and growing…

My favorite way to journal is with what I call “wet media”—paint, ink, stamps, and so forth. I do occasionally use other Bible journaling supplies, like colored pencils, and washi tape, but for the most part I just really enjoy the painting and stamping stuff.

Bible journaling ideas - salt & light

But, I realize there are so many other ways to Bible journal than the way that I do it! So, for this post, I want to share with you a few of my fellow bloggers/teachers of Bible journaling, who have different styles than mine. They’re doing some really cool things, that you might want to try in your own journaling!

3 Bible Journaling Artists & Their Unique Techniques

For each one of these Bible journaling teachers, I share one specific technique that I really admire about them, that’s very different from the way I journal, and also VERY COOL. Like, I wish I could do that!

But, the thing to remember, is that each one of us will have our own style and technique and ways we prefer to journal, and that’s totally okay and awesome. The goal is to learn from one another, and develop our own preferred way of journaling. And as always, Bible journaling is FIRST and FOREMOST about spending time in God’s Word and growing in relationship with Him. HOW you do that is secondary to your REASON for doing it.

Jenna of Scribbling Grace

Like yours truly, Jenna does a lot of painting in her Bible. She has tons of watercolor tutorials, and even a finger-painting tutorial! But the most unique thing, is her napkin technique. Believe it or not, you can actually paste decorative napkins right into your Bible! Which is a great way to add art, without actually having to draw or paint it yourself.

Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith

Speaking of pasting things into your Bible, Shanna Noel is the queen of “scrapbooking” style Bible journaling. Back in 2014, she started Illustrated Faith, which later became the full line of stickers, washi tape, paste-ins, and other Bible journaling supplies that we know today. (You can find the whole line of Illustrated Faith products on Dayspring.)

I admit, I’m not big on adding anything dimensional to my journaling Bible. Washi tape, sure, I’ll add that because it’s wafer thin and doesn’t add much thickness to the page. But I’m just not into pasting a lot of paper cutouts and other dimensional items into my Bible. And it’s not just my Bible—even when I created my high school and college scrapbooks, I was conservative with how much I added and how thick they became. But Shanna, she loves the dimensional stuff!

Just check out her journaling Bible flip-through video to see. Maybe you’ll love it too? She talks a lot about embracing the imperfect, messy side of journaling, and how Bible journaling is such a profound expression of each person’s individual relationship with God. Beautiful. ❤️

Lil of Hey Creative Sister

This gal has lots of creative Bible study posts, including quite a few posts on micro Bible journaling. What is “micro” Bible journaling, you ask? Well, it’s just writing notes and doodles in the margin of a regular Bible—one that only has 0.5″ wide margins, as opposed to the 2″ margins of a typical journaling Bible. That means, you can journal in the Bible you already have! And, since all you have is that very small margin to work with, you can potentially journal in less time and with less pressure than creating in a wider margin Bible.

Micro Bible journaling is one of those things that I keep thinking, “I should do that more”. And maybe I will, at some point. For now, my regular Bible just has a few highlights here and there, like this one…

micro Bible journaling

What’s YOUR favorite way to Bible journal? I encourage you to find the unique methods that most appeal to you, and use them to engage in deeper study of God’s Word.

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