Creative Ways to Use Stencils in Bible Journaling

Stencils are so helpful for Bible journaling. You can use them with many different mediums, to achieve some really great effects! In this video tutorial, I’ll show you two such creative ways you can use Bible journaling stencils.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly good at drawing. I mean sure, I can draw simple shapes. But it’s definitely not my strong suit. That’s why I love using stencils…adding cool shapes and even complex illustrations becomes easy!

And, stencils can be used with many different mediums (like colored pencils, pens, or paint), and in lots of different ways too. Not to mention, they’re washable and reusable. What’s not to love?

Bible journaling with stencils

For this tutorial, I chose to journal on Isaiah 55:11, which says that God’s Word does not return empty. Instead, it achieves the purpose for which God sent it. That is, to shape us and transform us from the inside out! The more we study His Word, and truly saturate ourselves with Scripture, the more God’s Word does what He purposed it to do. That’s why I love Bible journaling, y’all! It’s an awesome way to get deeper in God’s Word, and allow myself to be changed by my Lord and Savior.

Have you ever read the Bible and wondered if it was making any difference for you? Maybe you read a passage you didn’t quite understand, and you thought ‘what’s the point?’. I want to encourage you today, to keep seeking God through His Word. The more you study it, the more He’ll reveal to you, and you’ll notice yourself being changed for the better.

I know, especially when you’re new to studying the Bible, it seems intimidating, difficult to understand, maybe even frustrating, but I promise the more you read (with an open heart and mind, seeking God), the more you’ll be amazed. His Word is alive!

Isaiah 55:11 Bible journaling page

Two Creative Ways to Use Stencils in Your Bible Journaling

So, since Isaiah 55:11 is all about God’s Word “going out” from Him, and achieving the purpose He intends, I decided to use this super cool “warp speed” stencil. I think the symbolism turned out really cool…it looks like God’s Word literally going out to do His work in us. Check out the video tutorial below, to see the whole process, including two different ways you can apply the stencils.


Bible journaling stencils


If you’d like to re-create this Bible journaling page on Isaiah 55:11 (or do something similar), here are the steps I took (be sure and watch the video too). Also, I recommend prepping your page with clear gesso first, to strengthen the page and prevent any of the paints or gelatos from bleeding through.

  1. Create a colorful backdrop for your page, if desired. I used a very pale pearlescent color of gelatos, which gave my whole page a subtle shimmer without taking away from the rest of the art. Just mix the gelatos with some water, and paint it on!
  2. Next, take your cross stencil and apply some acrylic paint directly onto it. I recommend mixing the paint with either water, or the acrylic glazing liquid, to make it transparent so it won’t cover up the Bible text. Then, simply press your stencil onto the page to transfer to paint.
  3. If you want, you can embellish the stenciled cross shape with more paint and/or gelatos.
  4. Make sure the cross is dry, and then lay down the “warp speed” stencil wherever you want it. You can tape it down, or just hold it in place like I did. Using the stencil spouncer, pick up some of the gelatos-and-water-mix from your palette, and pounce the color onto the stencil, using an up-and-down motion. You could use one color, or put several different colors all over the stencil like I did. Once you’re done, lift the stencil straight up to reveal your result.
  5. If you like, you can finish the page with some stamps from the SnSS “His Book” set, as I did. Be sure to use a permanent, waterproof ink pad like the Ranger Archival Ink, if you plan to paint over the stamp. Otherwise, you could use another kind of ink such as pigment ink.
  6. Optionally, color in the stamped images with the Finetic metallic watercolors, or any other medium or your choosing. You can also use the metallic watercolors to outline the verse.
Bible journaling with stencils - Isaiah 55:11

And, there you have it! Two creative ways you can apply stencils in your Bible journaling. Pretty cool, right? My favorite is definitely applying the gelatos with the stencil. I’ve used that same method to create some really awesome handmade greeting cards, and it just works so well…especially with the iridescent gelatos! So shimmery! The photos just can’t do it justice. You must try it for yourself!

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