Creative Ways to Color Stamped Images

Last week, I showed you the basics of how to use stamps in your Bible journaling. This week, you’ll see my finished Psalm 144 journal, with some creative ways you can color in your stamped images!

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Last week, I left off with a bit of a cliff-hanger… I made you wait until now to see the finished Bible journal, because, well, I didn’t want to jam all that information into one post. I thought it would be better to do two separate posts.

But, now the wait is over! 😉 In the previous post, I showed you step-by-step how to use clear stamps…just super-basic stuff. NOW, we move onto the actual process of coloring in the stamps, to create a beautiful Bible journaling page…

Every time I do a Bible journal, I marvel at the truth, wisdom, comfort, and encouragement contained in God’s Word. Creating beautiful art in my Bible helps me to focus and meditate on the meaning of Scripture, in a way that normal reading just can’t do. It really has played a huge role in helping me to develop a love for, appreciation of, and thirst for God’s Word.

Today, before I started to work on this Psalm 144 page, my mind was totally discombobulated, and I was overthinking just about everything. You know, it was just one of those weird days! So I found it really refreshing to sit down and focus on Psalm 144. To reflect on the fact that God is my fortress—my place of refuge in the crazy of life—was just what I needed.

And, I know God’s Word can do that for you too! All it takes is a willingness to slow down for a bit, take your Bible and some creative supplies, and spend time with God.

Creative Ways to Use Stamps in Bible Journaling

Creative Ways to Color Your Stamped Images

So, moving on to the actual stamping technique. You stamp a word or picture in single ink color…but, it’s just looking a little lonely. A bit lackluster, like it needs some extra oomph. You want it to pop off the page, to sear that Scripture/Biblical lesson/nugget of wisdom in your mind, right?

Of course you do! So, let’s add some extra color.

To recap from last week, I used the Mighty Fortress stamp set from Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps, to do this Psalm 144 page. I stamped it with a black Ranger Archival Ink pad, which is waterproof—so now I can paint over it… 😉

stamp set and ink pad
Sweet n Sassy stamp

And paint it, I did!

I was inspired to use Finetec metallic watercolors to fill in my stamps, because I love the shimmery quality of the paint, and I figured it would look fantastic in the castle image. Plus, the paint works so well on the pages of my Illustrating Bible, with only a small amount of wrinkling of the paper!

God is my fortress - Psalm 144
God is my fortress - metallic close-up

You can see how beautiful the metallic looks, in the above photo. I held up my Bible in front of the window, so the sunlight would illuminate it. Otherwise, it’s hard to capture the beauty of the paint on camera!

But, there are lots of other mediums you could use to fill in your stamps, besides metallic paint:

  • Colored pencils
  • Watercolors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Markers
  • Gel pens
  • And more!

Ask yourself, what would make this Scripture passage really stand out? I thought metallic paint worked really well in this instance, to emphasize God’s power, glory, and supernatural protection. I just recently finished reading the book of Revelation, which ends with God creating a new heaven and earth, and a new Jerusalem—a city adorned in splendor and streets paved with gold. So, I really liked making this castle look as though it’s full of God’s splendor!

In the end, what really matters in Bible journaling, is that we spend time in God’s Word, getting to know Him better, and creating something memorable. Stamps are just one (easy!) way to create beautiful Bible journals that help you understand the Scriptures, and that you can easily refer back to later.

Which techniques are you eager to try? And more importantly, what Bible passage will you journal next? I hope you leave here feeling encouraged and excited to spend more time studying God’s Word through journaling. ❤️

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