4 Fantastic Bible Journaling Supplies & Where to Find Them

There are so many amazing Bible journaling supplies out there! In this post, I’m focusing on supplies that make journaling easy and fun (even for beginners and non-artists). I’ll tell you what those are, and where to find them.

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Anyway, moving on to the real topic

Bible journaling supplies for beginners

Bible journaling is such a fantastic way to study God’s Word on a deeper level, to spend time with Jesus, and grow in your faith. I’ve seen the benefits in my own life, and I’m always thinking of ways to make journaling more accessible for you…even if you’re not “artistic” or you’re just completely new to Bible study.

So, in this post, I’m sharing with you some of the best Bible journaling supplies for beginners, that make journaling easier. It’s my sincerest hope that every person should be able to engage in some form of journaling, be it with pen and highlighters, sticking pasteables and washi tape in your Bible, or painting with gelatos. The whole point of the art of Bible journaling is to engage with the Scriptures on a deeper level than just reading. The supplies you use to meditate on, record, and remember what you’re learning, and also document your spiritual growth, is much less important than just DOING IT.

4 Fantastic Bible Journaling Supplies

So, let’s get to it, shall we? With each of these Bible art journaling supplies, I’ll tell you why it’s so fantastic, and where you can find it.

Bible journaling supplies - stamps

1) Stamps…

…ARE FANTASTIC BECAUSE: They create the art for you! No need to draw illustrations or hand letter words, just let the stamps inspire your Bible journaling ideas. When I first started Bible journaling, stamps were my most-used tool. I’ve since branched out, and am now doing more of my own lettering, but I still rely on stamps to create beautiful art that would’ve been too difficult or time-consuming for me to do on my own.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: My favorite, most highly recommended stamp source is Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps. SnSS is a woman-owned, Christian company that specializes in stamps for Bible journaling and card making. A huge portion of my journaling stamps come from them!

My second favorite place to buy stamps, is Scrapbook.com. They have such a huge selection, much much greater than what Michaels or Hobby Lobby carries. Seriously, if Scrapbook.com had a physical store, it would have a dozen aisles of nothing but stamps! If you’re looking for Bible journaling-specific stamps, Penny Black, Art Impressions, and Technique Tuesday are good brands to look for. But, you can also find tons of decorative stamps like flowers, butterflies, fountains, etc., that are useful for journaling.

Bible journaling supplies - stencils

2) Stencils…

…ARE FANTASTIC BECAUSE: You can create gorgeous backgrounds, shapes, and decorative elements with them. Again, no need to draw your own. And, you can use so many different mediums with stencils! Colored pencils, gelatos, paint, and more, can all be used with stencils. (For best paint application, I really love the Scrapbook.com ink blending tool. It yields a much better result than using a brush, just because the paint is less likely to go underneath the stencil where you don’t want it.)

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Scrapbook.com carries a ton of stencils, and as with stamps, their selection is way bigger than what you’d find in a typical craft store. Of course, you can also find Bible journaling stencils at Amazon too, or pretty much any place that sells craft supplies, but Scrapbook.com just has way more stencils available to choose from.

Bible journaling printables - choose JOY

3) Paste-ins/printables…

…ARE FANTASTIC BECAUSE: All you have to do is decide where they should go on the page, and just paste, tape, or trace them in place! This is perhaps the easiest of all Bible journaling methods. So simple. Okay, maybe coloring in a coloring Bible is easier, but I’ll let you be the judge. 😉

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Dayspring.com is an excellent place to look, not only for paste-ins, but other Bible journaling supplies as well. They carry a whole collection of Illustrated Faith products, which include some great Bible journaling kits, stickers, paste-ins, and stamps.

You can also find a ton of great Bible journaling printables on Etsy. Also, be sure to check out my free printables page, which has several different verses you can trace or paste into your Bible (including the “choose joy” printable in the photo above)!

Bible art journaling supplies - washi tape

4) Washi tapes…

…ARE FANTASTIC BECAUSE: They’re so much fun! Washi tape is great to use as borders, page markers, and/or decorative elements in your Bible art journaling. It’s thin, easily repositionable, and gentle on the delicate Bible paper. And you can use washi tape for lots of other applications besides journaling! I actually use my washi tape more often in my planner and card-making than anywhere else.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Some great places to get washi tape include Scrapbook.com and Amazon. You can also find them at any craft store. However, I prefer to order mine from Etsy sellers, where I can pick and choose individual tapes instead of buying a whole pre-packaged set. (The first washi tapes I ever bought came in sets, and I actually only used a few of the tapes in each set. So, I decided it would be best to only buy the individual tapes I wanted).

There are just so many different ways to Bible journal, y’all! Whether you choose Bible journaling stickers, pens, paints, or whatever, there are plenty of Bible journaling supplies that can work for you.

I’m kind of partial to wet media (paints, stamps, gelatos, etc.) myself. But, I still use other things like washi tape and colored pencils too.

What are your favorite Bible journaling tools? If there’s a particular medium you’d like to learn more about, you might enjoy these posts:
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