How to Make Handmade Mother’s Day Cards Step by Step

Want to make something extra special for the moms and grandmothers in your life? Learn how to make handmade Mother’s Day cards step by step, with this simple tutorial.

handmade Mother's Day cards step by step

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Raise your hand if you have a very special MOM in your life, who deserves all the accolades and special treatment—especially on Mother’s Day! Whether she’s your own mother, or your grandmom, sister, wife, or friend… she gives so much, and deserves all the extra love and gratitude we can give back. (Shout out to my Mom, who is the BEST, SWEETEST MOM EVER! Love you! 😘)

And I think we all know, that the best Mother’s Day gifts are the handmade ones… the ones that can’t be found in a store, and that come from the heart.

So, what better way to shower your MOM, GIGI, or GRAMS with love, than by making her a handmade Mother’s Day card?

But maybe you’re hesitant to make your own DIY greeting cards, because you just don’t know where to start, or how to go about it.

I promise, when you break it down and do handmade Mother’s Day cards step by step, it’s easier than you might think! And this is not your five-year-old-self hand drawn card… these cute Mother’s Day cards are sweet and sophisticated, so whether you’re 12 or 42, you can make your mom/granny/whoever feel extra special on Mother’s Day.

How do you make a Mother’s Day card? :: Supplies You’ll Need

It’s pretty simple really… to make handmade Mother’s Day cards step by step, you just need a blank card, some decorative paper, embellishments, and some Mother’s Day stamps + inks.

how to make handmade Mother's Day cards - supplies

Using decorative paper for backgrounds is one of the easiest ways to make a really fantastic looking card! It’s also a lot faster than painting, stenciling, or stamping a custom background (I mean, I love to do those things, but I don’t always have time, you know?)

From this one tutorial, I hope you get dozens more Mother’s Day card ideas! Try out different papers, embellishments, and stamps, with different inks and color combos, to get lots of unique cards for your mom, grandmother, or even the auntie who’s been like a second mom to you. That being said, here are the exact supplies you’ll need to follow along with this tutorial…

How to Make Handmade Mothers Day Cards—Step by Step

Okay now… Ready to learn how to make handmade Mother’s Day cards? These are the five simple steps you’ll want to follow. Keep in mind though, you can totally mix up some of these steps, as you desire. For example, maybe you want to do the background and stamp your sentiments first, and then add embellishments as the last step. Maybe you decide to skip the ribbon, and add some sequins around the heart instead. It’s totally up to you.

STEP 1: Start with a blank card base

The absolute first thing you’ll always need to make your handmade Mother’s Day cards step by step, is a blank card. White cards offer the most flexibility (a blank slate!), but you can totally buy colored cards too, if you prefer. Just keep in mind that some inks may not show up as well on a darker colored card.

Mother's Day card ideas with decorative paper

STEP 2: Choose a background

Next up, select a colored or patterned paper to serve as the backdrop for your card. When it comes to creating easy handmade Mother’s Day cards, decorative paper is your best friend! If you have more time and supplies, you can always do your own stenciled or stamped background, but using decorative paper sure does save time.

Also, the same holds true for cardstock Mother’s Day stickers, paper cutouts, and other goodies that you can easily stick on the card. If you’re looking for EASY, there are definitely plenty of options!

For these cards, I used floral papers from the Pink Paislee “And Many More” 6″x8″ paper pad. It’s technically a birthday-themed paper pad, but it also has many floral, striped, and decorative papers that aren’t exclusively for birthdays.

STEP 3: Add embellishment(s)

The sky’s the limit for this step! I simply added a piece of yellow ribbon, but you could use washi tape, sequins, stickable rhinestones, or other goodies. even sells “Pops of Color”—little bottles of sparkly magic, so you can add 3D beads of color to create extra cute Mother’s Day cards.

For the ribbon, the 1/8” adhesive roll works great to attach it to the card. Or if you’d like to add smaller items like sequins or rhinestones, Aleene’s tacky glue is a great adhesive option. (I don’t recommend using liquid glue for larger items though, as it can make the paper wrinkle and curl. I also don’t recommend stick glue, as it’s just not a strong enough adhesive.)

Mother's Day card making with Distress Ink

STEP 4: Jazz it up with ink or paint

That white heart cutout was just begging for a little extra color, so I blended on just a little Tim Holtz Distress Ink in ‘squeezed lemonade’ to give it that extra pop. Or, you could paint on some Faber-Castell gelatos, or watercolors, to give your cutout a little boost of color.

Mother's Day card making with stamps

STEP 5: Stamp your sentiments

Last but not least in this handmade Mother’s Day cards step by step guide, are the special sentiments! I love using stamps for this step, because they offer a variety of sweet Mother’s Day card messages, so I don’t have to think of what to say—I just need to pick from the available options!

In addition to the Sweet ‘n Sassy stamps “Mason Jar Bouquet” set and Technique Tuesday “Simply You” set that I used for this card, there are so many other great stamp sets with a variety of special words and phrases that you could use! For example, check out this SnSS “Thoughtful Words” set. With phrases like “hope you’re feeling so very loved” and “no words can describe… how I feel about you”, this set could work not only for Mother’s Day, but also graduation, Valentine’s Day, and so much more.

handmade Mother's Day cards

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple Mother’s Day card making tutorial! Now that you know how to make handmade Mother’s Day cards, go out and bless some special mom(s) in your life, and let them know just how appreciated they are. ❤️

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