12 Awesome Bible Journaling Fonts to Use

Looking for some great Bible journaling fonts to use as printables or traceables in your journaling? Check out these options, which include both free fonts and paid ones.

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One thing that I always tell people about Bible journaling, is that even if you’re not “creative”, you can still find ways to journal that work for you! You don’t have to be an artist, or have fancy supplies… you just need to START with what you DO have.

FOR EXAMPLE: When it comes to adding words (notes or comments about the Bible passage you’re studying), there are plenty of ways to go about it. I’ve taught how to use hand lettering in your Bible journaling, and also how to use stamps. You can also use stencils, printables, and other goodies.

But for today, I’m talking about something even EASIER than all of those things… and that is, using fonts on your computer to create your Bible journaling designs. Which you can then print out, and trace, paste, or tape into your journaling Bible! Talk about some simple Bible journaling ideas!

C’mon now… I think the only thing easier than that, would be to use some free Bible journaling printables that somebody else already made for you (HINT-HINT: click here to get them).

But seriously though, if you want to make your own easy printable/traceable words to use in your Bible art journaling, you need some great Bible journaling fonts! Don’t just settle for the boring fonts that came pre-installed on your computer… look for some unique fonts that could really express different Bible stories, concepts, and teachings.

Bible journaling fonts to try

12 Great Bible Journaling Fonts

So, with that uniqueness in mind, I selected these 12 Bible journaling fonts. All of them come from Font Bundles, which is a great place to find affordable fonts—in fact, they have a pretty good collection of FREE fonts too! So, the first seven of these Bible journaling fonts are free ones, and the final five are paid.

1) Joyfully

Joyfully font from Font Bundles

Starting off the list on a JOYFUL note, is this cute little font. Imagine what Bible journaling ideas you could do with this font! I think it would be great for concepts like God’s comfort and care for us, or His creative nature… like “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

2) Monday Blues

Monday Blues font from Font Bundles

Second on our Bible journaling fonts list, is this quirky one. It evokes some kind of old-school, vintage music vibes… perhaps it would make a good style for “Praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet…” (Psalm 150:3)?

3) September Script

September Script font from Font Bundles

This one could be for almost anything, really. It’s a little bit vintage, and very elegant, with plenty of swirls and swashes to go around. Use it especially for Bible passages relating to the beauty of God’s creation!

4) Loveya Script

Loveya Script font from Font Bundles

Next up on our Bible journaling fonts list, is this sweet free font. It has little hearts for the dots on the i’s, and alternative heart swashes for the beginning and ending letters. Loveya Script is one of my favorites on this list… I’ve put it on everything, from shirts to pillows. Given the hearts, of course this would be a great font to illustrate concepts of love and kindness.

5) Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion font from Font Bundles

This is another quirky one, that could be use for lots of different Bible study journaling ideas. Take a cue from its name, and use it to illustrate Bible passages about money/finances, or perhaps even spiritual riches and blessings.

6) Honey Bee

Honey Bee font from Font Bundles

Considering how many times honey is used as a metaphor in the Bible, this font is a must have! And of course, its sweet script style would work for concepts like love and friendship as well.

How sweet are Your words to my taste,
Sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119:103 (AMP)

7) Fruit of heaven

Fruit of Heaven font from Font Bundles

Like the name suggests, this font would be great for anytime fruit is mentioned in the Bible. But I’m sure you could come up with lots of other ways to use it too.

8) Layla Layli

Layla Layli font from Font Bundles

This first of our paid Bible journaling fonts, is quite a gem! I’ve had this font for a while now, and it has proven so handy. It comes with heart swashes, that can be connected between words… Can you picture this for “Ruth + Boaz” (Ruth 4:13-15) or perhaps “God is love” or “love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:8)?

9) Quality Capcay Black

Quality Capcay font from Font Bundles

Here’s another of these Bible journaling fonts that is quirky, fun, and handy for many different Bible study topics or themes. I’ve used this font a lot!

10) Valentina

Valentina font from Font Bundles

This beautiful script font has lovely feminine flourishes, so would be perfect for Bible stories featuring women (like Esther, Hannah, Ruth, etc.) You could also use it to illustrate words like grace, patience, or heart.

11) Wulkie

Wulkie font from Font Bundles

Next up in Bible journaling fonts, is this playful number. I think it would lend itself well to Biblical concepts such as “childlike faith”, or “made in God’s image”. Don’t you?

12) Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden font from Font Bundles

And finally, we have this beautiful floral butterfly font! Butterflies are often used to symbolize the resurrection, and new life in Christ…and this font comes with plenty of them. What Bible art journaling ideas might you use it for?

Oh, and I can’t forget… if you want a great deal on some of these paid fonts, buy a bundle! After all, that’s what Font Bundles is known for… discounted bundles of fonts! For example, I got my Layla Layli font included in this Swashy Font Bundle of 50+ fonts.

BONUS: Alphabet Stamps

Do you enjoy using stamps in your Bible journaling? Then, don’t forget that you can use alphabet stamps to add words to your journaling! They’re like custom Bible journaling fonts, in stamp form. I acquired several new sets recently, and I’m especially loving this typewriter blocks alpha stamp set from Sweet n’ Sassy Stamps! It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, and the letters are small enough to fit quite a few of them across a 2” journaling Bible margin.

Matthew 4:4 Bible journaling page with alphabet stamps

How will you use these Bible journaling fonts, to enhance your study time and your retention of God’s Word? I pray that whatever Bible study journaling you do, that it will help you “grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). ✝️

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