How to Store Craft Paper: 5 Ways

Do you love paper crafting, but your supplies are a mess and you can never find what you’re looking for? Let’s help you get organized, with these five solutions for how to store craft paper.

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Y’all, I’ve learned this the hard way: Crafting is so much more enjoyable and productive when my supplies are organized, and it’s easy to find what I need!

For years, I crafted and Bible journaled amongst a mess of supplies, piled here or there, sitting in containers on the floor, or underneath other stuff on my desk. I did less craft projects, because it was such a pain to find things, not to mention push stuff out of the way to make space for a project.

Ever since I reorganized my craft desk last year, it’s been so much more fun to make things! All the paper storage shelves, ink pad organizers, and utility racks on the walls, have made it a joy to reach for exactly what I need when I need it. I know where it is, and I don’t have to dig for it! Yay!

This past Sunday, I was Bible journaling, and used some of my craft paper to make a tab for my Bible page… and as I reached for the paper, I was reminded yet again how nice it is to have it right there, organized and ready to use. I’ve written here before about my original craft desk makeover, how to store stamps, and how to store ink pads. So I figured next, we should talk about how to store craft paper!

how to store craft paper

How to Store Craft Paper: 5 Ways

So, what IS the best way for how to organize craft paper? It really depends on your craft setup, how much space you have available, and your budget. These five great paper storage ideas offer a wide range of different options…

1) Expandable paper organizer

This first option on our list is the least expensive, and most portable option for how to store craft paper! I have two of these expandable organizers, one for 12×12 scrapbook paper (which goes under my desk, since I don’t use 12×12 paper very often), and another that I bought to hold my 12×12 adhesive vinyl sheets (I keep that one in my closet).

TIP: This is a great craft paper holder if you don’t have a dedicated craft space, and need something you can easily stash away on a shelf or in a closet. Or, if you frequently attend craft classes or workshops, and want to carry your paper stash with you!

2) Paper storage cart

The next step up in cardstock storage solutions, is a rolling cart. It’s still portable, but with lots more storage space for more paper! Paper storage carts like this one are particularly handy if you want to easily roll your craft stash from one room to another (like from the closet to the kitchen table).

A multi-colored cart like the one above is awesome if you want to organize your papers by color family. But, you can also find lots of other options in white, black, or even translucent drawer colors.

3) Wall rack

Looking for a craft paper storage rack that won’t take up any desk or closet space, but that’s still easily accessible? Opt for a wall rack like this one. They’re technically made for magazines, or file folders, but they totally work for storing 8.5″x11″ paper too.

4) Stamp n Storage paper holder

Stamp n Storage paper holder

Do you have a dedicated craft space, and want some cardstock organization ideas that’ll look fantastic on your desk, table, or countertop? This Stamp n Storage paper holder is my favorite way for how to store craft paper, and it’s what I use on my own craft desk.

(I have the 8.5”x11” size, but Stamp n Storage also offer paper holders for many other sizes, including 12”x12” and 6”x6”.)

I love this paper storage organizer, because it’s beautiful and sturdy (made of Baltic Birch plywood), and also because it’s customizable! You can remove any of the dividers (except the middle one) to create space for larger stacks of paper. And you could even turn the holder on its side, to create a vertical paper organizer!

As an added bonus, Stamp n Storage is a Christian company—I do love seeing fellow believers who create quality products and give back to their communities!

5) Letter sorter

Lastly, if you have small paper items like cards and envelopes that you’re not sure how to store, a letter sorter can work wonders! It’s a great solution for how to store paper products like bundles and stacks, which are too small for other storage solutions.

I use the ‘palaset’ letter sorter from The Container Store (pictured below, perched atop my Stamp n Storage paper organizer). It works perfectly for the 4”x6” and 6”x8” paper stacks I have, which I often use to make Bible tabs or handmade cards.

Stamp n Storage paper holder

So, to recap these five great solutions for how to store craft paper… 1) An expanding file folder or 2) storage cart are both great inexpensive and portable storage options. 3) A wall rack is a great solution if you’re short on table/desk/closet space. 4) If you have a dedicated craft space, the Stamp n Storage paper holders function beautifully on a desk, counter, in an IKEA Kallax shelf, or mounted on the wall. 5) And finally, a cute little letter sorter can be your best friend for small items like cards, envelopes, or small paper sizes like 4″x6″ or 6″x8″.

I hope you enjoyed these how to store craft paper ideas! Now go, get organized, so you can make (more) purposeful creations to bless the people around you. ❤️

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