Romans 12:12 Bible Journaling Tutorial – Stamps and Inktense Pencils

Join me for this fun Bible journaling tutorial on Romans 12:12! It’s a celebration of what it means to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer, because God is our source of hope and help!

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Have you ever gone through a challenging season of life? And you found that one Bible verse that really carried you through it?

Well, Romans 12:12 has definitely been that verse for me lately! For the last ~3-5 years or so, I’ve had chronic neck and upper back pain, fatigue, and other random symptoms, with no particular explanation for any of it. I’m hopeful now that I might’ve found the root cause, but I’m still not sure, and there remain plenty of unknowns.

Even with seeing hope on the horizon, there is still the day-to-day process of getting through it, waiting for possible healing, and trusting God. I keep leaning on this verse, and trying to be more joyful, patient, and prayerful as it says:

And I know I’m not the only one, who needs this hope! Which is why I decided to film a Bible journaling tutorial for this page. So we can all talk about and appreciate and apply this truth to our lives.

Bible Journaling Tutorial – Romans 12:12

The star of the show for this page is the “Way Maker” stamp set from Creative Worship Stamps. The words in the set inspired me to make this page sort of a prayer of trust to God, saying “You are my hope giver, way maker, miracle worker. Thank you Lord”. It’s really a celebration and acknowledgement of WHY we can be joyful in hope, or patient in affliction, or faithful in prayer… because God is our HOPE.

Check out the full video tutorial for this Romans 12:12 Bible journaling page below!


These are the art supplies and tools I used in creating this Romans 12:12 Bible journaling page! I’ve listed them in the order they appear in the video…

Romans 12:12 Bible journaling page - rejoice in hope
Romans 12:12 Bible journaling - God's got this

Step-by-Step Instructions:

As always, I encourage you to do you own thing! Use this Bible journaling tutorial as inspiration, to create your own Bible journaling page for Romans 12:12. Or, if you do want to follow the steps I took to create this one, I’ve listed them below.

  1. Begin by adding your background color with the Gelatos. Smear some on a palette, add water, and paint onto your page with a brush. You can use a piece of cardstock paper to block off parts of the page as I did, or paint over the whole page if you like.
  2. Next, take some flowers from the Bold Blooms stamp set, and stamp as desired at the top of the margin. I used magenta and purple inks for my flowers, but you can choose different colors if you prefer.
  3. Take a piece of scrap paper or an index card, and stamp your anchor (from the Peace Be Still set). I used Archival Ink for mine, since I needed it to be water resistant for the next step.
  4. Use the Inktense pencils to color in your anchor, and then use a wet paintbrush (or the Aquash brush) to activate the ink-like properties of the pencils. Once it’s finished, cut it out and set it aside for now.
  5. If desired, you can write Romans 12:12 in a different Bible translation below your flowers, as I did. Or write some insight about the verse, a prayer, or whatever you feel led to write. (I used the Pigma Micron pen for this step).
  6. Choose some word stamps (from the Way Maker stamp set) that resonate with you, to represent Romans 12:12. Stamp those using the same or similar ink colors as you did for your flowers and/or anchor. You can also choose some words from the Prayer Time stamp set too, if you want.
  7. Add additional word stamps, such as the “God’s got this.” stamp that I used from the Bold Blooms set (next to Romans 11:36). If you see a Scripture on the page that resonates with you, add something there to make note of it!
  8. Once you have all your stamping done, you can use some gel pens to add embellishment if desired. I colored in the flowers, and the words ‘GIVER’, ‘MAKER’, and ‘WORKER’ with metallic gel pens. You could also underline Romans 12:12 or any other verse you like, with a Pigma Micron pen as I did.
  9. Finally, it’s time to glue down the anchor! I used Art Glitter glue, but you could also use stick glue, or adhesive tape if you prefer.

I hope you’ve found this Romans 12:12 Bible journaling tutorial helpful! It really is such an inspirational verse to memorize and “carry” with you each day. I pray that this helps you to weather the ups and downs of life with hope, patience, and faith, trusting God to work out everything for your good.

Romans 12:12 Bible journaling page with supplies
Romans 12:12 Bible journaling tutorial

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