Artza Box Review: Pros and Cons

Looking for an Artza Box review that will tell you if it’s worth the money? Are you curious about what kinds of things you’ll receive in this quarterly subscription box from The Holy Land? Get ready for my honest opinions!

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Before we begin: I DID receive this Artza Box for free from the company, in exchange for my willingness to share it. (I’ve also received two previous Artza Boxes as well, in the past ~1-2 years).

That being said, my opinions are entirely my own, and for the purpose of this review, I’m not withholding any of them! There are plenty of great things I can say about the Artza subscription box, but I will also share with you those things I didn’t like about it (and whether or not I would actually pay money for it).

So, let’s dive into my official Artza Box review, shall we?

What exactly IS the Artza Box?

THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: If you’re skeptical and wondering “Is Artza box legit?”, I can tell you right now it most certainly is! The products in the box really do come from Israel (no made in China stuff here!), and are very high quality—some are even handmade by Israeli artisans. So, when you receive this Israel box in the mail, you’ll be getting truly authentic food, games, artwork, and more, which gives you a taste of Israel right in your own home.

But, why do they call it the ‘Artza Box’? To me, ‘artza’ sounds like a name for a box full of art supplies—not a name you would expect for an Israeli subscription box.

Actually, the ‘Artza’ meaning comes from a Biblical Hebrew word, which means “towards the land.” So, the Artza Box is meant to capture the experience of a journey “towards the land” of Israel. Which is a pretty accurate description of this box, given that it provides you with a little taste of Israeli culture—even if you can’t visit there in person.

Now, for the details: The Artza subscription box is a quarterly box, so you receive four boxes per year with the subscription. As for the cost, the Artza Box price varies depending on whether you pay for a whole year at once, or pay for each box quarterly. (Currently, it’s $84.99 per box if you pay quarterly, or if you pay for a whole year at a time, it works out to $76.99 per box).

As Christian subscription boxes go, this one is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but I do think the cost is justified by the value and quality of the items you receive.

Artza Box - Land of Promise

Artza Box Review: The Contents of the Box!

So, what exactly comes in a typical Artza Box? Each quarterly box has a unique theme, with a variety of items pertaining to it. This box was titled the “Land of Promise” box, with a theme of hope for Israel’s future.

It’s the first Artza Box I’ve received since the war broke out between Israel and Hamas late last year, and overall I’m very impressed with the messaging inside and items they chose for this theme.

Right way, as I began my Artza box review, upon opening the lid there’s a card that says “BRING THEM HOME NOW”, with a heartfelt message about the Israelites who are still (at this time) being held captive by Hamas in Gaza. I appreciate that they acknowledge the troubled times Israel is facing, while still calling for hope and a more peaceful future.

Artza box - open with contents showing
Artza Box - contents

As for the products inside, I always gravitate towards the food and personal care items first! In this box, the goodies consisted of HolyBrew coffee, Chef’s Dead Sea Salt Set, a milk chocolate cocoa bean and hazelnut crunch bar, and some Dead Sea Minerals black mud body cream! (I particularly enjoyed the chocolate bar, and the body cream is lovely!)

The Artza box is not just an Israeli snack box, though… there are always special artisan-made items, games, and other unique-to-Israeli-culture things too! This time, they included two beautiful artisan wall hangings, a votive candle holder with a cutout of Israel, and a traditional Israeli game called “five stones”.

I especially love the wall tapestry, which has beautiful embroidery featuring Psalm 122:6. And the five stones game is very cool—it’s made with real Jerusalem stone, which is a type of limestone native to the area—and it’s been played in Israel for centuries! It’s very challenging—kind of like playing jacks, only harder.

Artza Box - wall tapestry, candle holder, five stones game

Before I wrap up this Artza Box review, I want to mention a few additional things included in the box: for each unique product, there is a card that tells you about the company or individual artisan who made it, and how to use it. And in this box, they included a recipe card for “spinach and cheese bourekas”, a baked pastry which utilizes the sea salt in the included set. Very cool!

Artza Box Review: Is it worth it? Who is this box best suited for?

For the overall value you receive, I would say this box is definitely worth the price. Is it the best Israel subscription box? I can’t say for sure, but what I CAN say is that it does a great job of giving you a taste of Israeli culture.

Overall, the Artza Box is best suited for anyone who wants to experience the culture of the Holy Land—the foods, games, and other traditional things that Israelites have eaten or enjoyed in the past and present. The “milk and honey” of the land, so to speak.

Artza Box review - pros and cons

HOWEVER, the one thing that I wish the Artza Box had more of, is items pertaining to the Biblically significant places and events of the Holy Land. For me to spend my own money on this box, it would have to include more items relating to the Biblical locations that I long to visit in person (but can’t afford to). I would really like to see more items that are closely tied to Jesus, or other people/stories/locations of the Bible.

Also, another reason I wouldn’t buy an Artza Box for myself, is just because I have very specific tastes and needs, and there were several items in the box I didn’t like or couldn’t use. I don’t drink coffee, so I gave that to my dad who does drink it. I’ve already got too many candles/holders that I never use, so I’ll give the votive away. And that reduces the value of the box for me, if I can’t make use of everything that comes in it.

ℹ️💡 It’s that way with any subscription box, though—you have to weigh the pros and cons, look at the style and type of items that come in the box, and whether or not you would really use and enjoy them.

The good news with the Artza Box is, you CAN buy some of the items individually on their website, so you can get only what you want and none of what you don’t! For example, you can purchase that delicious chocolate bar (it really was quite tasty), or the beautiful Psalm 122:6 wall tapestry (I’m keeping that one!).

See, I told you I would give my totally honest opinions for this Artza Box review! And I hope you’ve found my personal insights helpful, in deciding whether to get this box for yourself of a loved one.

➡️ If you’re interested in purchasing an Artza subscription box for yourself or as a gift, click here to get your box now! Or, to buy some of the featured products individually, head to the Artza box store to view available items from current and past boxes. 🎉 🛍️ Be sure to use the coupon code DIVINECREATIVELOVE to get 20% off your order! 😃

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