12 Best Christian Subscription Boxes

With all the faith-based subscription boxes out there, how do you find the right one for yourself or someone you love? In this post, I’ve rounded up 12 of the best Christian subscription boxes I could find, along with explanations of what makes each box unique. (TIP: if you’re short on time, skip to the recap at the end!)

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Whether you’re looking to boost your own faith, or encourage someone you love in their walk with God, Christian subscription boxes can be a great way to accomplish that!

🙏🏼 To grow closer to God, we need to spend time studying the Bible, talking to God in prayer, and walking in obedience to His Word. And receiving a monthly box filled with faith items can help us stay strong in this effort!

💝 But also, these subscription boxes can provide much-needed TLC to anyone who is going through a difficult season of life. Not to mention, some boxes include delightful goodies that support Christian small businesses, and even raise money and awareness for people in need.

📦 And who doesn’t love to receive a surprise package in the mail? It’s like back in college, when my mom sent me a care package with all kinds of treats and goodies… it’s just so fun to open up a box and discover the surprises inside!

The only dilemma is, with so many Christian monthly subscription boxes available, how can you possibly know which one is best for you or a loved one?

12 Best Christian Subscription Boxes

To determine the BEST Christian subscription box, you have to take into account the needs and preferences of the person it’s for, and find the box that suits them best.

12 Best Christian Subscription Boxes for Growing in Faith

So, for this post, my aim is to show you what makes each faith-based subscription box unique… so you can choose the faith box that best fits you or your loved one!

In other words, I want to help you discern what subscription boxes are worth it for you personally (or for the person you’re buying for)! And also, which ones you can rule out because they don’t fit what you’re looking for.

Each of these Christian monthly subscription boxes has received stellar reviews, includes a wide variety of inspirational items, and also incorporates unique extra features that make it special. Allow me to give you a tour…

1) Bette’s Box of Blessings

Christian subscription box - Bette's Box of Blessings

First up in our list of the best Christian subscription boxes, is Bette’s Box of Blessings! This box is all about sharing faith, love, and God’s Word with others. Compared with some of the others on this list, it’s very affordable, and the value of what you receive each month is 2x-3x more than what you actually paid for the box.

True to its mission of sharing God’s love with others, this box includes not only Christian books and music, but also shareable items such as greeting cards, so you can give love to your friends and neighbors. Each month’s box has a unique theme, such as “Way Maker” or “His Word In My Heart”. It truly is a box full of blessings!

You can easily sign up for Bette’s Box of Blessings on Cratejoy, for just one month, or subscribe for 3+ months to get an even better price per box!

2) Faithbox

Faithbox - religious subscription box

Next in our lineup of Christian boxes is the Faithbox! Besides claiming to be the #1 most popular faith-based subscription box, Faithbox is unique because they publish their own daily devotional that’s included with each month’s box. In addition to their devotional, each box includes several Christian products that are ethical and eco-friendly (such as t-shirts, décor, or jewelry).

One more thing that makes Faithbox unique, is how each box is themed! Each month uses only a single word, such as “Renewal”, to describe the box contents. And I really like that the themes are not all rosy or one-dimensional… some boxes deal with tougher topics such as “Suffering” or “Failure”.

Get the original Faithbox here, or if you prefer a more affordable option, you can get their Faithpak which contains only their 31-day devotional and a Christian book (without all the extra products).

3) Artza Box

Artza box - the Holy Land delivered

This Christian subscription box is a bit different than the others. Artza Box is not a Bible study or faith-sharing type of box, but it IS great for people who appreciate Israeli culture, or who dream of traveling to the Holy Land (or have been there already)! It’s about celebrating Israeli artisans and getting a taste of Israel—all from the comfort of one’s own home!

I received an Artza box a few years ago (the “Bethlehem” box), and was delighted with the products it contained. There were treats (artisan chocolate, toffee, and almond butter), and unique items such as a collectible plate, drink coasters, and a conversation starter game called “Tables That Talk”. The “Bethelehem” plate is my favorite!

Go ahead, order your very own Artza Box today! NOTE: The Artza Box is one of the more expensive boxes on this list, but it’s only a quarterly box (not monthly)—AND you get a lot of value in that one quarterly box!

4) Aflame Box

Aflame - Christian faith box

Are you looking for a deeply spiritual subscription box that will encourage you in your walk with God? The Aflame Box is exactly what you need! This thoughtfully curated box is all about deepening your intimacy with God, and fueling your fire & passion for Him.

Every Aflame Box includes a prayer, Scriptural theme, war room kit, plus inspirational books, and gifts to encourage your faith. Some examples of past monthly themes include “Devoted – With God No Matter What”, and “Kindness – The Truth. The Way. The Call.”

Get the Aflame Box now on Cratejoy, as a special gift for yourself or someone you love!

5) Butterfly Box

Butterfly Box - faith based subscription box

What’s the best Christian subscription box to soothe your spirit and calm your frazzled mind and body? The Butterfly Box! This wonderful monthly subscription includes thoughtfully curated items to help you spend more quiet time with God and live out your faith in the world around you.

In addition to Bible study and faith sharing items, this box also includes personal pampering items, so you or your loved one can be renewed in spirit and in body. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is going through a stressful time of life!

Purchase the Butterfly Box now, for yourself or a loved one!

6) Anchor of Hope Box

Anchor of Hope monthly subscription box

This one is a box that gives back: The Anchor of Hope Box isn’t about Bible study, prayer, or Christian growth… BUT, it is about LOVE and helping support refugees, survivors of sex trafficking, and other women in poverty who are in desperate need of a steady income to support their families.

Each box includes handcrafted products made by these vulnerable women. Instead of sending you lots of cheaper, smaller items, this box includes three high-quality, ethically-sourced, fair-trade items each month. This way, you get amazing quality goods, and the women who made those products are paid fairly so they can support themselves and their families.

➔ So, like I said, the Anchor of Hope Box isn’t expressly Christian, but it IS about helping vulnerable women support themselves and their families—and that’s a great way to love our neighbors around the world! A wonderful reason to subscribe to the Anchor of Hope Box right now!

7) Christian Book Subscription

Christian Book Subscription box

Attention book lovers! Our next two best Christian subscription boxes are all about the books! Starting with, the Christian Book Subscription box, which brings you a new faith-based book each month, plus a small gift with each box too.

This box would be wonderful for yourself or someone you know, who wants to read more non-fiction faith books, but is overwhelmed as to which ones to read. Just let this box send you a new book each month, and you won’t need to worry about which book to read next.

Sign up for the Christian Book Subscription box now on Cratejoy!

8) Monthly Truly Yours Fiction Box

Monthly Truly Yours Fiction Box - Christian fiction novels

Whereas our previous faith box was all about non-fiction books, the Monthly Truly Yours Fiction Box is about (you guessed it)… Christian fiction books! With this box, you’ll receive a new Christian fiction novel each month, PLUS you get to choose an additional free book when you start your new subscription.

Plus, the books included with this subscription span several different genres, including romance, Amish, mystery, and suspense… so you won’t be bored with the same genre all the time.

Ready for some captivating Christian novels? Sign up for the Monthly Truly Yours Fiction Box now!

9) Purposed Box

Purposed Box - Christian subscription box

Our next spiritual subscription box is all about living intentionally! The Purposed Box focuses on creating faith disciplines and rhythms to help you live God’s purpose for your life. Each box includes a special devotional from Purposed Box founder Monet Carpenter, plus 4-6 curated items from purposeful women-owned businesses.

Just a few of the purposeful items that have been included in previous boxes: Christian habit trackers, calendars, self-care items such as bath salts and candles, and even a prayer card that you can mail back to the Purposed Box team so they can pray for your specific concerns.

Does the Purposed Box sound like your cup of tea? Start your subscription now on Cratejoy!

10) InJoyBox for Her

InJoy Box for Her - faith box for Christian women

Looking for the best Christian subscription boxes to provide to provide comfort and encouragement? Check out the InJoy Box For Her! This sweet care package comes with a wide variety of goodies, including one personalized item with the recipient’s name on it. Each month features a different Bible verse, and with it, themed items that pertain to that verse, such as art prints, journals, and snacks.

Besides its focus on joy and encouragement, the InJoy Box is especially unique because it includes a hand-written note of encouragement each month, and every box is prayed over before shipping. Which is pretty rare—of all the faith boxes I’ve listed here, plus others I researched, InJoy is the only one that pledges to pray over each box.

If you know a woman who needs encouragement, send her an InJoy Box! Or, there’s also an InJoy Box Mini for Her, if you’d like something at a lower price point. And did I mention they also have an InJoy Box for Kids and an InJoy Box Mini for Kids? Kids need encouragement too!

11) Monthly Box for Christian Men

Monthly Box for Christian Men - faith subscription box

Most of these best Christian subscription boxes are geared towards women… except for this one! Introducing, the Monthly Box for Christian men! It includes a variety of enriching spiritual and lifestyle products specifically for men. Items such as books, prayer guides, personal care products, and even outdoor and fitness gear, make this box a home run for the Christian man in your life!

Purchase the Monthly Box for Christian Men today, as a wonderful gift for your husband, father, brother, or any other man of faith who you know would enjoy it.

12) HelloBible Explorer Box

HelloBible Explorer box - Christian subscription box for kids

Do you have kids? Or, grandkids, or nieces/nephews? If so, HelloBible Explorer is the best Bible subscription box for them! This monthly box is geared towards children age 5-10, and includes a Bible story book, and related craft projects to help young children understand the Scriptures. Each month features a specific Bible story or Scripture passage, with interesting activities to bring that Scripture to life.

As an added bonus, this box also donates a portion of each box’ sale to The Kilgoris Project, to provide education for children in Kenya. How awesome is that?

Get a HelloBible Explorer box for the kids in your life!

care packages of love

💖 So, what did you think of these 12 best Christian subscription boxes? Do you know which one you’ll get for yourself, or give to a loved one? Here’s a fun recap if you need help deciding:

  • BEST FOR SHARING YOUR FAITH: Bette’s Box of Blessings has extra items such as greeting cards, meant for sharing with and blessing others.
  • BEST UNIQUE DEVOTIONALS: Faithbox (and the smaller Faithpak) publishes their own daily devotional for each box. And, The Purposed Box includes a unique ‘soul care coaching’ keepsake devotional, written by Purposed Box founder Monet Carpenter.
  • BEST FOR DEEP SPIRITUAL GROWTH/SEEKING GOD: The Aflame Box gets extra points for including a ‘war room kit’ (prayer kit) in each box, among the many other items to ignite your faith!
  • BEST FOR FAITH-BASED ENCOURAGEMENT/PAMPERING/SELF-CARE: The Butterfly Box includes items such as candles and personal pampering items along with the faith items, for a little extra TLC. And the InJoy Box for Her includes treats to eat, a personalized item, and hand-written note of encouragement, among other items (SEE ALSO: the InJoy Box Mini for Her, the InJoy Box for Kids, and the InJoy Box Mini for Kids).
  • BEST FOR INTENTIONAL LIVING: The Purposed Box includes useful items such a habit trackers and calendars, as well as items sourced from women-owned, purposeful businesses.
  • BEST FOR THE AVID BOOK READER: The Christian Book Subscription box caters to non-fiction readers, while the Monthly Truly Yours Fiction Box has captivating novels for Christian fiction lovers.
  • BEST BOX THAT GIVES BACK: The Anchor of Hope Box sends items made by vulnerable women, to help support them and their families.
  • BEST FOR GETTING A TASTE OF THE HOLY LAND: The Artza Box is filled with treats, home décor, and more, all from Israel!
  • BEST GIFT FOR MEN: The Monthly Box for Christian Men is an excellent option for men of faith!
  • BEST BOX FOR FAMILIES WITH KIDS: The HelloBible Explorer box is an amazing Bible study box geared towards kids ages 5-10.

Do you or your loved one have a specific need, hobby/interest, or season of life that you’re wanting encouragement in? Cratejoy has so many monthly subscription boxes that cater to different needs, such as The Hanging on Hope Box (for women fighting cancer), the Oh Baby Boxes (for pregnant mamas, items tailored for each stage of their pregnancy), and even the BattlBox (outdoor survival gear for men who enjoy camping, hiking, etc.). On Cratejoy, there is truly something for everyone!

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