7 Unique Christian Subscription Boxes

With all the faith-based subscription boxes out there, how do find the best one for you or a loved one? In this post, I’ve listed seven unique Christian subscription boxes, and I explain what makes each box unique and who might really enjoy it.

unique Christian subscription boxes

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Whether you’re looking to boost your own faith, or encourage someone you love in their walk with God, Christian subscription boxes can be a great way to accomplish that.

To make any relationship work, we need to put in the effort…to spend time with that person, develop trust, show them love, and so forth. And our relationship with God is no different! To grow closer to Him, we need to spend time studying the Bible, talking to God in prayer, and just walking with Him in our everyday lives.

Christian monthly subscription boxes can provide extra encouragement to do just that, with reminders of Christ’s love for us, and prompts to share our faith with others. Not to mention, delightful goodies that support Christian small businesses, and even products that raise money and awareness for people in need.

And who doesn’t love to receive a surprise package in the mail? It’s like back in college, when my mom sent me a care package with all kinds of treats and goodies… it’s just so fun to open up a box and discover the surprises inside!

What is the best monthly subscription box?

The only problem is, with so many Christian subscription boxes available, how can you possibly choose which one to get for yourself or your loved one?

The simplest answer, is that finding the best Christian subscription boxes is impossible…because “best” can mean a lot of different things. What’s “best” for one person, may be decidedly NOT the best for someone else. It all depends on their unique interests, as well as where they are in their relationship with God.

For this post, my aim is not to tell you which faith-based subscription box is best, but rather which boxes are most unique, and what makes them different… so you can choose a box that best fits you or your loved one!

7 Unique Christian Subscription Boxes

There are plenty of general Christian monthly subscription boxes out there, like the Faith Box, and Bette’s Box of Blessings, that contain a general assortment of books, t-shirts, jewelry, and other items to encourage your faith.

These boxes I’ve listed here, however, are extra special… each one has a unique focus or other aspect that sets it apart from the crowd. Check them out…

1) Crafted Faith Crate

Crafted Faith Crate

Of course, being a creative arts-and-crafts loving person, this Crafted Faith Crate box is my top pick! It’s great for teen girls or women who love crafts, and you know they would be delighted to have faith-filled craft kits sent to their door each month.

I think it would especially be good for young ladies and/or aspiring crafters, who want to get a sampling of different faith-based crafts. I would totally order it for myself, if I didn’t already have crafts running out my ears, LOL!

By the way, in researching for this post, I looked for a Bible journaling subscription box, since I’m such a big proponent of using journaling as a way to study God’s Word more in depth. But alas, I couldn’t find one. But, if one does pop up in the future, I will be sure to add it to this post!

2) Artza Box

Artza box - the Holy Land delivered

The Artza Box is great for Bible history buffs, people who appreciate Israeli culture, or who dream of traveling to the Holy Land (or have been there already). It’s not so much about the Bible or spiritual growth, as it is about celebrating Israeli artisans and getting a taste of Israel—all from the comfort of one’s own home!

I received one of these boxes last December (their “Bethlehem” box), and was delighted with the products it contained. There were treats (artisan chocolate, toffee, and almond butter), and unique items such as a collectible plate, drink coasters, and a conversation starter game called “Tables That Talk”. The “Bethelehem” plate is my favorite!

3) Faith and Family Box

Faith and Family Box

Do you (or the person you’re gifting to) have kids? If so, the Faith and Family Box would be perfect! It comes with everything you need to have a monthly ‘faith and family’ night: a snack to make, interactive family Bible study, conversation questions, and more. Plus, each box has a clever theme, like ‘service with a smile’, and ‘mighty acts of God’, which will entertain and engage your kiddos.

4) purp-ess box

purp-ess box

Do you love all-natural scented bath products? Yes? Then, the purp-ess box is for you! It includes handmade, natural, vegan soaps, sugar scrubs, and even bath bombs (depending on which box subscription you choose). Each month features a particular ingredient, which is tied to a Biblical message! For example, jojoboa oil covers and protects the skin, just as God’s love covers and protects us. How beautiful is that?

5) The Delilah Box

Delilah Box

Like I said earlier, a lot of Christian subscription boxes include general items (books, treats, body care products, CD’s, t-shirts, etc.) The Delilah Box is one such box; however, it’s unique in that it has a special theme! It focuses on lesser-known women of the Bible; each box helps you get to know a different Bible character, and includes books, candles, self-care items, and more.

This box would be a great gift for any woman who is interested in learning from women of the Bible…even those who tend to be overlooked or underestimated, like Delilah, or Claudia (wife of Pontius Pilate).

6) Believer’s Box

Believer's Box

Like the Delilah Box, the Believer’s Box also includes a variety of Christian books, jewelry, and lifestyle products to inspire your faith. But, what makes this box unique is its beautiful curation: each month has a special theme, which is brought to life in the colors and design of the items in the box. It really is a gorgeous presentation, which I think makes this box a wonderful choice for gift-giving!

7) Anchor of Hope Box

Anchor of Hope Box

Finally, the last of these unique Christian subscription boxes isn’t necessarily about Bible study, prayer, or Christian growth… BUT, it is about LOVE and helping support women refugees, survivors of sex trafficking, and other women in poverty who are in desperate need of a steady income to support their families.

The Anchor of Hope Box includes handcrafted products made by these vulnerable women. Instead of sending you lots of cheaper, smaller items, this box includes three high-quality, ethically-sourced, fair-trade items each month. This way, you get amazing quality goods, and the women who made those products are paid fairly so they can support themselves and their families. Sounds like a win-win to me!

So, what do you think? Which of these Christian subscription boxes will you get for yourself, or give to a loved one? I do hope you find a box that suits you, that helps you grow in your relationship with God, and maybe even supports a great cause too.

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