The Spiritual Truth That Will Rock Your World

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The Spiritual Truth That Will Rock Your World

A few days ago, I stumbled on something really special. It’s a gold nugget of spiritual wisdom, that really struck a chord with me. And maybe it will with you too!

It started with music…

Ever since this song came out, I’ve become a fan of For King & Country. And of course, I wanted to learn more about brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone who make up this awesome duo. Then, I stumbled upon the story of Luke and his near-death battle with colitis.

It’s especially relevant to me, since I’ve struggled with digestive issues for years, for which I continue to pray for healing.

You can read his story here, but it was this quote from Luke (from an article that has since been taken down) that really struck me:

“It was one particular night when I think I was at my just at the end of trying to figure this thing out myself. I just angrily said, ‘God – why am I so sick? I don’t know why. I don’t know why. I’m doing the things You’ve asked me. I feel like I’m attempting to be in Your will, but yet here I am. What’s going on?’

And I felt God say these things. I don’t need more effort from you. I don’t need your striving. I don’t need your talents. I don’t need you to do any more shows for me. I don’t need you to write any more. I just want your heart. I just want you. I don’t want anything else. I just want you.

It’s changed the way I look at life. It’s changed the way I live.”

Whoa. Spiritual truth bomb!

God Wants Your Heart

I suppose like many truths, in some ways I already knew this. But still, I wasn’t living it.

I often get frustrated that I fall short, that I can’t serve in the capacity I think I should (or want to), and I worry that I’m not doing enough for God’s Kingdom.

Whether you’re a workaholic and feel like you’re still not “enough”, or you’re disabled and feel guilty because there’s so much you can’t do, I believe we all need to let this truth sink in.

Let this be a reminder to each of us, that YES—God does ask us to serve, to take action, and to do things for His Kingdom. BUT, BEFORE all that, what he really desires is our hearts. He wants our faith and trust in him, our devotion to him, and our surrender to his will. He wants our hearts first and foremost, and then will use us where we’re at, regardless of our limits or shortcomings.

I echo what Luke said: this revelation has changed my perspective, and it’s already changing my life. How about you?

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