10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Bible Journalers

Do you have a fellow believer on your Christmas gift list, who you just don’t know what to buy for? Whether it’s for your Christian neighbor, family member, or your best friend, you can’t go wrong with a gift that will help them study God’s Word on a deeper level! Check out these ten Bible study gift ideas, which include my most-recommended Bible journaling supplies.

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I’ll never forget it. Last year, about a week before Christmas, I was shopping for last-minute gifts again. And the parking lot traffic in the shopping center was SO BAD, I actually didn’t even get any shopping done. By the time I even found a parking spot, it was already time for me to be at work (at my retail job, where I see all the chaos from the OTHER SIDE!). And I vowed, that next year I WILL get my Christmas shopping done at least two weeks prior to Christmas!

This will, of course, require some diligence on my part. Some people are more difficult to buy for than others, you know?

But really, I think the best and most thoughtful gifts I’ve given, are the ones that I planned and purchased well ahead of time. I especially love giving unique spiritual gifts, that will help a brother or sister in Christ grow in their faith.

Bible study gift ideas for Bible journalers

And nothing delights me more, than passing on my love for Bible journaling, with a creative journaling gift! Bible art journaling has transformed the way I study and understand God’s Word, causing me to fall in love with the Scriptures, and it’s been so helpful for memorizing and meditating on key verses. So of course I want others to experience that growth in their relationship with God too.

Are you searching for an excellent faith gift for a cherished friend? Not sure what to buy for, say, your niece who’s a new believer? Maybe you have a teenage daughter, and you’re looking for Bible gifts for her? Or what about some thoughtful Christmas gifts for your Bible study ladies group? Give them the gift of Bible journaling! After all, you can’t go wrong with something that will help them deepen their faith and grow in their knowledge of God’s Word.

To help you make that happen, I’ve put together this collection of Bible study gift ideas, which are perfect for the fellow believers in your life.

10 Awesome Bible Study Gift Ideas for Bible Journalers

All of these bundles make great gifts for Bible lovers, especially if they’re creatively inclined. If it’s for someone you know really well, you can select a gift bundle based on their interests or creative type. Or, for a person who you don’t know as well, just give them bundle #3—which any Bible-studying Christian can make good use of!


1) NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible + Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils (Set of 72) + Prismacolor Pencil Sharpener :: A few years ago, I gave this combo as a Christmas gift to a dear family friend, and she loved it! The Bible comes with pre-printed art in the margins, so it’s an easy introduction for anyone who’s creatively challenged or just new to Bible journaling. And who doesn’t love coloring?

Bible study gift idea - coloring Bible

If you think your gift recipient would appreciate a different Bible version, there’s also the My Creative Bible KJV (King James Version), or the Inspire Bible NLT (New Living Translation), which also have ready-made art in the margins for coloring. Or, if you’re giving the gift of journaling to a young lady, check out the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls.


2) Pilot Frixion highlighters + Pigma Micron Bible Study pen set :: This is a classic combo that would make a great gift for any Bible lovers in your life, even if they’re not into “Bible journaling” in the artistic sense. I think it would also be an especially thoughtful Christian inspirational gift for a new believer who is just beginning to study God’s Word. Bonus points if you include a list of your favorite Scriptures to get them started, or a year-long Bible study plan!

Bible study highlighters - Romans 8

The Pilot Frixion highlighters are my top recommendation for the best Bible highlighters, because they don’t bleed through the page at all, and you can even erase them if necessary!

Bible journaling with Pigma Micron pens

And the Pigma Micron pens are excellent for writing notes in the margins!


3) Tsukineko Dew Drop Jewel Tone Ink Pad set + Gift Certificate to Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps :: Know someone who’s an avid Bible journaler/paper crafter, who enjoys using stamps in their journaling? Add some metallic color to their ink pad collection, and give them some great faith-inspired stamps too! Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps has lots of wonderful stamps for Bible journaling and card-making, sure to delight your favorite Bible journaler.

Bible journaling gift - Sweet n Sassy stamps

4) InterDesign Plastic Storage Bin + Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets :: Do you have a family member who loves stamping, so much that they have stamps running out their ears LOL? Oh, I can SO relate! Please give her the gift of a great storage solution such as this combo, so she can keep her stamps organized and it’ll be easy to find the ones she needs.

InterDesign bin with clear stamps
Avery Elle clear stamp storage pockets


5) Dina Wakley Clear Gesso + Foam Brushes + Ranger Heat It tool :: For anyone looking to start painting in their Bible, these are essential tools to have. Clear gesso helps strengthen the Bible page, so it won’t buckle or tear when paint is applied. And the heat tool is so handy to dry the page quickly!

gesso and tools

6) Finetec Metallic Watercolors + Faber-Castell Metallic Gelatos :: Is there a person on your list who loves metallic shimmer? These paints are some of my faves for applying a pearlescent effect in my Bible journaling. The Finetec colors are very rich and opaque, while Faber-Castell Gelatos offer a more transparent shimmer. I LOVE them both!

metallic paints for Bible journaling

7) Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid + FolkArt acrylic craft paint + Illustrated Faith Paint-It Cards :: This is a very fun and easy way to apply paint for Bible journaling! Just mix the glazing liquid with the paint (in at least a 50/50 ratio, with as much or more glazing liquid than paint). This makes the paint translucent, so the Bible text will still be visible (and thus legible) underneath. And the Paint It cards are such a fun tool to apply the paint! Who needs a paintbrush anyway?

glazing liquid and acrylic paint cards

8) Derwent Inktense Pencils + Aquash water brush set :: What a fun alternative to watercolor paint! If you know someone who enjoys watercolors, give them this cool combo. It results in a unique finish that’s like a cross between colored pencil and watercolor, great for creating vibrant colors and textures. (Check out my John 4 living water Bible journaling tutorial to see how they work!)

Bible journaling with Inktense pencils


9) Faith & Lettering Book + Faith & Lettering Journal + Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens. These make excellent gifts for Bible lovers who have a desire to create their own lettering art! This book and companion journal by Krystal Whitten are an excellent introduction into basic hand lettering, especially for the purpose of lettering Scripture. If you know someone who is into Bible journaling, and wants to create beautiful lettering to bring the Scriptures to life, you simply must get this for them.

Faith and Lettering book with pen and pencil


10) Dayspring Illustrating Bible + Armor of God Stamp Set :: Finally, if you have a special someone in your life who is an avid Bible journaler and/or artist, and you know they would geek out at the chance to have a larger Bible with more space for notes and art, this combo would make a fantastic creative journaling gift!

Illustrating Bible with stamp set

The Illustrating Bible boasts margins that are nearly twice as wide (3.75″) as normal journaling Bibles. And, it’s spiral bound, which makes it wonderful for any Bible journaler who enjoys using stickers, paste-ins, and other dimensional items, as it has room to expand. And did I mention thicker pages? (See my full review of the Illustrating Bible here). Pair it with the Armor of God stamp set from Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Stamps, which is a perfect size to take advantage of those four-inch margins, and you’ve got a super-awesome and unique Christmas gift idea!

Illustrating Bible - best gift for Bible lovers

Give the Gift of Bible Study!

The only thing that would make any of these Bible gifts better, is a Bible study plan to go with them! You can always find free plans on Bible.com, or follow the plan in a Bible such as the NIV Life Application Study Bible. I also offer a Bible journaling-specific plan, which is included in my Ultimate Bible Journaling e-Book. It’s a 52-week plan, with a devotional for each week of the year.

Bible journaling ebook

I hope you’ve found these Bible study gift ideas helpful! But no matter what goodies you decide to give, for this Christmas or any other occasion, give them with love. Take the time to select a thoughtful gift, which will delight the recipient, and help them grow in their faith. I pray that these various art supplies, while wonderful in their own right, will be used as tools to study God’s Word in greater depth. To appreciate God’s greatest gift—JESUS—and to follow and learn from Him, that’s what Bible journaling is all about!

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