5 Bible Journaling Kits to Help You Get Started

Bible journaling can be such a wonderful way to study God’s Word! But, with so many options and ways to do it, where do you even begin? These five Bible journaling kits can help you get started.

Bible journaling kits

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Bible journaling has made such a difference in my relationship with God! I started journaling back in 2016, and it truly helped me fall in love with His Word. To this day, it continues to be such an essential tool for studying, understanding, and meditating on the Scriptures.

And I want that for you too!

But I know, Bible journaling can be intimidating. You might wonder, “Where do I begin? Which Bible journaling supplies do I need? Do I need a whole bunch of supplies, or only a few? What journaling Bible should I get?” And so on, and so forth…

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. The Bible journaling kits I’m about to share with you have the basic supplies to help you get started!

Then, all you have to do is actually get started—once you get the journaling Bible and supplies, you might still find yourself stuck. But the key here, is to just DIVE IN! No rules, no expectations, no judgement. Just journal between you and God, and you can’t go wrong. (Believe me, I was terrified and so nervous when I first started Bible journaling, but it worked out just fine!)

5 Bible Journaling Kits to Help You Get Started

The first of these creative faith kits for Bible journaling is my own recommended combo (technically it’s not a kit, but it might as well be!). And the other four are pre-assembled kits that come with several different tools and art supplies.

1) Coloring Bible + Prismacolor Pencils

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible and Prismacolor Premier pencils

If you’re brand new to Bible journaling, these two items make the best Bible journaling starter kit! Get a coloring Bible, like this Beautiful Word Coloring Bible, and some good colored pencils, and you’re all set to start journaling. Easy peasy! Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are my favorite, because they’re very smooth and enjoyable to color with, and are gentle on the Bible paper, but any colored pencils you have will work.

2) Pigma Micron Pens Inductive Bible Study Kit

Looking for some great Bible journaling pens? Pigma makes this awesome Inductive Bible Study Kit especially for Bible journalers, which includes eight different pen colors. It’s a great kit to start off with if you’re wanting to underline/outline verses and create notes or artwork in the margins of your Bible.

Bible journaling with Pigma Micron pens

Pigma Micron pens are an excellent choice for journaling, because they write smooth, they don’t bleed through the paper, and they tend to last a long time. I use them not only in my journaling Bible, but also for creative sermon notes too!

3) Mr. Pen Bible Journaling Kit

Whereas the previous two Bible journaling kits were very simple (only pens and pencils), these next three kick things up a notch! Beginning with this Mr. Pen kit, which includes highlighters, pens, tabs, and stencils. It’s a basic assortment of items, perfect for a newbie Bible journaler!

4) Christian Art Gifts Bible Journaling Kit

If you need some Bible journaling ideas to inspire you, this kit is a great one to have (as is any kit that includes lots of stickers, tapes, and paste-in items). This Christian Art Gifts kit includes gel pens, washi tape, ink pad, stamps, stickers, and more! Of all the kits I’ve listed in this post, this one is the most all-inclusive, meaning you get a sampling of many different kinds of supplies all in this one kit. Talk about a great deal!

5) Faber Castell Gelatos Kit

Lastly, is one of my favorite Bible journaling supplies: Gelatos! These handy little tubes of pigment can be smeared onto the Bible page, or you can mix them with water and paint them like watercolors. And this Faber Castell Bible Journaling Kit has all you need to get started with gelatos! Not only does it include four gelato colors, but it also comes with pens, stencils, stickers, and more.

So, here’s a recap of all these wonderful Bible journaling kits…

If you want the simplest way to get started Bible journaling, opt for kit #1 or #2 (or both together). For a kit that includes only basic tools, go for #3. And if you’re looking for a kit that includes more items, like stickers or stamps, go for kits #4 or #5. Overall, kit #4 (the Christian Art Gifts Bible Journaling Kit) is the best, because it includes so many different items. So, I think I’ll call that one the winner! 😉

As always, the most important thing you can do when Bible journaling, is simply to spend that time with God. The supplies you use, and how your journaling looks, is secondary to how it’s helping you study God’s Word on a deeper level. Every person will have different styles and methods of journaling , and that’s okay! Just do what works for you—what helps you focus on Jesus and meditate on the Scriptures.

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