Where to Find Bible Journaling Printables

Want to know where to find some amazing Bible journaling printables? These are the best places to look…

Bible journaling printables

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Believe it or not, you don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to do Bible art journaling!

If you think you stink at creating art, or you just don’t want to spend a lot of time laboring over a complex illustration, that’s okay. You can still take advantage of all the wonderful benefits of Bible journaling, without the hassle of creating your own artwork.

Case in point, drawing does NOT come naturally to me. I would much rather just use Bible journaling stencils, stamps, and other goodies, that make it easy!

But, what if you’re totally new to Bible journaling, and not even sure where to start? Of all the Bible journaling ideas for beginners, using printables is one of the best and easiest! (The only thing easier, is buying a coloring Bible like this one that comes with pre-printed illustrations).

Just get yourself some Bible journaling clip art, print it out, and go to town! Trace it into your journaling Bible, paste or clip it into the pages, or whatever floats your boat. With the abundance of both paid and free Bible journaling printables available, you’ll never run out of options.

Bible Journaling Printables: 3 Great Sources

So, where can you find lots of Bible journaling printables, Bible journaling clip art, and other goodies?

Here are three great places to look…

Bible journaling printables - choose JOY

1) Bible journaling artists & teachers

Many bloggers and artists who teach Bible journaling offer some great Bible journaling freebies that you can download from their site. You can find my freebies page here. Jenna of Scribbling Grace has lots of cool free Bible journaling printables on her blog. Robin over at BibleJournalingDigitally.com sends out colorful “Friday Freebies” printables via email each week. And if you sign up for emails from JoDitt Designs, she gives you access to a whole library of Bible journaling printables!

In addition to the many freebies out there, you can also find plenty of Bible journaling printable templates available for purchase, like these awesome printables from artist Krista Hamrick (lots of my fave Bible journaling stamps are designed by Krista!). Another artist who offers many beautiful Bible art journaling printables, is Karla Dornacher.

And if you’re looking for general Bible journaling clip art like crosses, check out the traceable graphics in my Etsy shop!

2) Bible journaling companies

Of course, I LOVE Sweet’n’Sassy Stamps for their Bible journaling stamps, but did you know they offer digital stamps as well? There are so many to choose from, like this adorable “Love the Word” digital stamp that I think is just so precious.

Illustrated Faith (maker of many Bible journaling stamps, tip-ins, washi tape, etc.), also has a huge line of “Print & Pray” printable graphics. This collection contains a wide variety of background designs, illustrations, and word graphics…so many Bible journaling printables, you may never run out!

lion photo

3) Free photo sites

Lastly, if you’re looking for a specific image to trace onto your Bible journal pages, you can always look on free photo sites like Unsplash. Say, for example, you want a lion in your Bible journaling (to represent courage, perhaps, or illustrate the story of Daniel in the lion’s den (Daniel 6)). You don’t want to draw one from scratch, so you find an image you like on a free photo site, print it out at the appropriate size, and use it as a template to trace a lion into your journaling Bible.

Trust me, tracing like this is a lot easier than drawing it yourself! I suppose there are times when drawing something from scratch is better, but especially for a complex illustration, it’s great to have to that photo to use as a template.

Christmas Bible journaling - Isaiah 9:6

With so many Bible journaling printables available, you can keep on journaling and study God’s Word to your heart’s content. And THAT, right there, is the KEY! Of all the tips for Bible journaling I could give you, nothing is more important than simply saturating yourself with Scripture, and growing in your relationship with Jesus.

How you accomplish that—what Bible journaling supplies and resources you use—is much less important than the GOAL itself.

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