3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Holy Week

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Easter Holy Week

With Christmas, you can’t possibly miss it. We start talking about it months in advance, and pretty much celebrate all of December, with parties and decorations galore. We have 25-day Advent calendars, and hear the story of Jesus’ birth over and over again.

But Easter? I feel like it doesn’t get nearly as much fanfare.

Shouldn’t it though? I mean, it’s great and awesome that Jesus was born into the world in the first place, but without His crucifixion and resurrection after three days, we would have no salvation, no forgiveness of sins. Easter is the culmination of God’s great plan to save humanity, and I think that warrants maximum celebration. More praise. More worship. More reverence and observation of the most important event that has ever happened in the history of the world.

I don’t want to let Easter slip by, without stopping to appreciate all that it represents. This year, I’m adding on a few simple traditions, and expounding on others from years past. Are you with me?

3 Simple Practices to Celebrate Easter

  1. Decorate! I’ve never done this before, but this year I decided to make an Easter wreath to hang on my bedroom door. It’s been great to have that reminder there, that “He is risen!” Pinterest is full of ideas for Easter decor, and you can do just a little, or go all out like Christmas. The point, is to have reminders of the season.
  2. Spend some extra time with Jesus! A few years ago, I sat down on the couch the night before Easter, and just happened to catch the movie Passion of the Christ, which I had never seen. Of course, it was powerful (you know this if you’ve seen it too), and the next day I did this Bible journal entry. Last year, I read the entire NIV Harmony of the Gospels from January until May. This year I’ll do a different Easter Bible journal. You could also start a new prayer practice, or do an Easter devo series in the YouVersion app.
  3. Connect with people! There are many ways to celebrate Easter with our loved ones and neighbors. You could invite a friend to church, have an Easter party, see a Passion play, host a Bible study on Good Friday, or whatever you feel like God wants you to do. As for me, I’ve invited my family to attend church with me, and we’ll all go out to eat afterwards.

✝️ What are YOU going to do, to celebrate Easter?

2 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Holy Week”

  1. These are really good ideas, Barbara! And I unreservedly agree that Easter is soooo much more important than society would have us believe. But then, most of society doesn’t understand its significance, do they? Just as they don’t fully understand the significance of Christmas. Such a shame that most folk seem to have missed the whole purpose of the holidays! But interesting that they still celebrate …

    In any case, I always enjoy your posts, and your artwork is very sweet. 🙂 So glad you are being a voice in the wilderness!

    1. Thank you Lynda! It’s good reason to share our faith loud and proud, with nativity scenes at Christmas and passion plays at Easter. This year, I’ve been seeing a lot of cute Pinterest graphics that say “Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus!”. I need a t-shirt with that on it! 😉

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