15 Christian Gifts for Best Friends

Looking for some wonderful gifts to encourage a close friend in their faith, and make them feel loved and appreciated? Check out these 15 Christian gifts for best friends!

Christian gifts for best friends

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Have you ever received a gift that was SO thoughtful, and made such an impact on your life, you know you’ll remember it forever?

Like, receiving an encouraging book right when you needed it… or, someone gave you a study Bible when you were a brand new Christian… or even just a meal delivery gift card or a spa day voucher when you were swamped and needed a rest.

The best gifts, are like that…well thought out, purposefully chosen exactly for that special person, so they just know that you picked it out with their needs and desires in mind.

You know what, though? The only thing better than receiving such cool Christian gifts, is giving them! I LOVE giving those kinds of gifts! Especially to my closest friends. Since I know them so well, I can choose a gift that will be a blessing to them in their walk with Christ.

What can I buy my Christian friend?

But, I know, this gift giving thing is not always easy! It takes extra thought and effort to select a gift that your best friend will truly love. But, that’s the key to giving great Christian friendship gifts… to know your friend, what their needs and wants are, preferences (like favorite color, foods they like, etc.), and select a gift accordingly.

As you’re brainstorming ideas for Christian gifts for your best friends, these are some questions you might ask:

  • Where is my friend at, in his/her relationship with God? What level of spiritual encouragement does he/she need?
  • What is my friend going through right now, that he/she could use help with, or encouragement for?
  • What does he/she wear, use, cook with, eat, or so on?
  • Does he/she have a favorite hobby or activity? And is there anything he/she doesn’t already have for said hobby, but would really love?
  • Are there any clues he/she might have given? Like, a dream they want to pursue, an area they would like to grow in, or a special item they’ve wanted but would never buy for themselves?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea! If you want to come up with some inspirational gift ideas, the first place to look is always at the person you’re shopping for.

15 Christian Gifts for Best Friends

That being said, sometimes it’s still hard to find awesome Christian gifts for best friends. Maybe you have a buddy that’s just really tough to buy for (I know a few of those myself!). Or, maybe you’re in a time crunch, and you just really need some great Christian inspirational gifts you can ‘pull out of a hat’.

And what if you need gifts for people you don’t know as well? Finding gifts for Bible study ladies, gifts for church friends whom you just don’t know as well you do your besties, or even gift ideas for church staff… for that, it might be a good idea to give small items that you’re pretty sure they can use, like a Bible bookmark, Bible highlighters, or even a gift card to a local Christian store like Mardel.

But whoever you’re shopping for, be it your bestie, or the Bible study ladies you’ve only known a few months, these 15 Christian friendship gifts are great go-to options! There’s a little bit of everything… general encouragement, Bible study and prayer tools, sweet gifts to make your friend feel loved, and even some adorable stationery for that long-distance friend. Many of these gifts are from Dayspring, a few are from Amazon, plus one handmade Christian gift item from yours truly…

1) Cheering You On book

Cheering You On book

Let’s start with some encouragement, shall we? Cheering You On: 50 Reasons Why Anything is Possible with God would make a wonderful gift for pretty much anyone you want to lift up. Whether they have a God-sized dream, are tackling a big challenge in their life, or just struggling to take God at His word, this book would be such a blessing for them.

2) Faith Over Fear necklace

faith over fear necklace

Do you have a lady in your life who wants to have greater faith in God’s promises, and less fear regarding the circumstances of her life (or the future)? Get her this lovely faith over fear necklace, and even better, pair it with this 100 Days of Faith Over Fear devotional book.

3) You’re an Overcomer cosmetic pouch

You're an Overcome cosmetic bag

Is your friend going through a tough time, and you’re looking for unique Christian gifts for her, that speak to her situation? I made this sweet design especially to encourage women who are experiencing trials or challenges in their life. The cosmetic bag with ‘You’re an Overcomer’ in glitter is available in multiple colors, and also as a matte color wall art or foil wall art!

4) Less Hustle, More Jesus shirt

Dayspring less hustle more Jesus t-shirt

This ‘Less hustle, more Jesus’ shirt would make a sweet gift for your friend who’s very passionate about their line of work, but also passionate about following Jesus and working as for Him (see Colossians 3:23-24). It’s such a great reminder that, while being productive and getting good work done is important, our relationship with Jesus should take first priority. And also, of how important it is to trust God with outcome (results) of our hustling!

5) Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible cover

Do you have a Christian friend who’s artistically inclined (or, just looking for a creative new way to study God’s Word)? If they haven’t already tried Bible journaling, you should totally get them coloring Bible like this Beautiful Word Coloring Bible. Bonus points if you pair it with some Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils, for a great gift set.

6) Bible Journaling Kit

Speaking of Bible journaling, this kit is another gift that would be great for anyone wanting to study God’s Word through creativity! Bible study tools are the most awesome Christian gifts for best friends I can think of (and I know, as I’ve given two of my good friends journaling Bibles!) Sometimes, God’s Word can be a bit intimidating, and in that case, journaling can be great encouragement and tool to get more into studying the Bible. It has certainly made a big difference for me!

7) Colorful Floral Bible Tabs + Bookmark

So, remember how earlier I talked about small gifts you could give your church or ministry friends? This is one such gift! Bible tabs make great inexpensive Christian gifts, and they’re so useful! These particular tabs have a lovely whimsical flower design, they also come with a bookmark, and are still very affordable. Which is especially important if you’re giving multiple gifts to church staff, clergy, or the ladies in your Bible study group.

8) “Friends are the flowers…” heart

Dayspring friendship heart

How sweet! If all you want is to let your friend know how much you appreciate her friendship, this decorative friendship heart may be just what you’re looking for. Need I say more?

9) Philippians 4:13 personalized tumbler

Looking for personalized Christian gifts for your best friends? Look no further than…Amazon!? Yes, I found this gorgeous custom “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” tumbler on Amazon. I didn’t know you could get customizable Christian products there, but apparently you can. This tumbler has a place on the back side for your friends name to be added, making for a truly unique gift!

10) The Struggle is Real coffee mug

the struggle is real coffee mug

I think we could all use this message from time to time! If you have a friend who is particularly swamped by life, though, this ‘the struggle is real, but so is our God’ mug would be such a thoughtful gift. Since it says “OUR God”, it can also serve as a reminder of your friendship.

11) ‘She is Fearless…’ Prayer Journal

fearless prayer journal

Do you have a friend who longs for a deeper prayer life? A prayer journal like this one would be an excellent thing to get for him or her. There are lots of different prayer journals available; this one just caught my eye because of the lovely watercolor design and “she is fearless because He is faithful” message on the cover.

12) Love Over All: Jesus Every Day devotional

love over all candance cameron bure

This book by Candance Cameron Bure would be a great encouragement for a friend who’s striving to love more like Jesus. It includes Scriptures that explain what love really is, why we should love others, plus examples in God’s Word to follow.

13) 1-Minute Devotions for Mothers Day Calendar

1 minute devotionals for moms

Is your bestie a mom? If so, she might really love this sweet little calendar! It offers 365 days of 1-minute devotionals that even a busy mom of multiple kids can still make time for.

14) Trade Your Cares for Calm

trade your cares for calm max lucado

How about some Christian gifts for best friends that help ease anxiety and stress? I think everyone can benefit from that! This Trade Your Cares for Calm book, written by bestselling Christian author Max Lucado, offers tons of Biblical and practical wisdom to help your friend trade her worries for God’s peace.

15) Love Stationery Set

love stationery set

Last but not least, is this sweet stationery set, which would be a perfect gift for a friend who’s moving away, or who already lives a long distance away from you. Buy one for yourself and one for her, so you can send each other snail mail notes to brighten each others days.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Christian gifts for your best friends! Whatever gift you decide to give, put some thought and heart into it, and above all else, aim to make your friend feel loved, appreciated, and encouraged in his or her faith. Love you, friend!

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