In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus!

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morning prayer and worship

It’s happened… I’ve become a morning person.

No, NO, not THAT kind of morning person—the one who gets up at 4am and actually enjoys it. I have never been, nor ever will be, a true morning person. What I have become, however, is an “in the morning, give me Jesus” kind of person. Just rarely before 7am, and even then, only if I have to. 😉

Prior to a few months ago, anytime I heard someone talk about spending more than five minutes on prayer or Bible reading in the morning, I would think that person is either crazy or really blessed to have the time/energy to devote to that. When a friend of mine told me she wakes up 30 minutes early to pray before going to work each day, I thought ‘that’s admirable, but totally not for me’.

Well, I was wrong. Now that I’ve tried it, I know that mornings with Jesus are not only possible, but awesome. I don’t get up earlier like my friend (I need that sleep!), but I do still make time for it. Some days it’s only five minutes, other 20 minutes, and some even a half-hour. And I love that time with my Lord!

Maybe you too have thought “How can I possibly make time for prayer or Bible study in the morning, when I have so much on my plate (working overtime, getting the kids ready for school, etc.)?” I know, it’s a crazy fast-paced world we live in, and sometimes an even crazier life. But I promise you this: God wants to hear from you, and if you make the effort, he will make a way.

Why morning?

Quite simply, mornings are the best and most foolproof time for most of us to fit in time with God, before the chaos of the day takes over. Your mind is fresh, and you can put God first (as he should be!), and gain peace and strength for the day.

If your mind is foggy at first after waking, do what I do and listen to some Christian music (K-LOVE radio is awesome!) while starting your daily tasks, like making your bed or brewing coffee/making breakfast, and once you’re awake enough, hit pause. Find a quiet spot where you can settle in for a few minutes, and have your meeting with God.

Not sure where to start? Check out these resources…

Ways to make time for Jesus in your morning…

You don’t have to sacrifice your sleep if you don’t want to.

  • Cook breakfast in bulk on weekends (muffins, quiches, etc.) so you can save that time for a devotional on weekdays before work.
  • Break your snooze button habit. If you can get out of bed fifteen minutes earlier, that’s plenty of time for prayer.
  • On workdays, get to your job fifteen minutes early. You’ll have a cushion to still be on time in case traffic is bad, and most days you can use that cushion for a quick devotional and prayer time (use the Bible app on your phone!).

I now understand why Moriah Peters sings In the Morning, Give Me Jesus. Because it really is wonderful to wake up and spend time with my Savior before beginning the rest of my day. It’s one more way to put God first in my life, and ensure that I get to pray for all the concerns of my loved ones and myself before the chaos of the day takes over.

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